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Calaos OS contains the scripts needed to build Calaos images. The buildsystem is using OpenEmbedded and the scripts comes from the great Angstrom build system.

Supported boards

The following hardware are supported by the Calaos team:

  • Mele A1000 / Mele A2000
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Intel Atom based board
  • NUC intel platform
  • Cubieboard

Other hardware may be supported but only those one are heavily tested by us. Feel free to try to port to a new hardware, and come to check with us for all the details.

How to build

This is a quick howto for building a fresh Calaos image.

You need first install Yocto dependencies, on ubuntu machine you need to install these packages :

sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib g++-multilib build-essential chrpath libsdl1.2-dev xterm man

Launch the build script without arguments to get the list of options and supported machines:


Before you need to get all required modules and configure for the wanted machine:

./ init <machine>

Then you can configure another machine you want to build to:

./ config raspberrypi

Finally you can start a build using bitbake:

source ./
bitbake calaos-os

You will find the images in tmp-eglibc/deploy/images/