Cryptographic Persistent Storage - uses the EJTP Crypto library and various database backends for flexible and encrypted data storage and retrieval.
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Cryptographic Persistent Storage is a library for accessing your choice of persistent key:value storage database through a layer of encryption that keeps your data safe. Once created, it exposes the DB through the familiar dict interface, meaning you don't really have to learn a lot of new stuff to take advantage of this library.

If you want to see support for a specific backend, open up a ticket for it and I'll invest an afternoon in adding support to the library. Polyfills are not built all in a day, after all, but incrementally and adapting to demand.

This software recently underwent a massive restructure. It's a lot better, but breaks compatibility for anyone who was using it. This is still a very immature library, so stuff like that tends to happen, although it will get more stable over time.


Backends supported

  • anydbm
  • redis
  • ramdict - Dummy db interface that stores all data in RAM, with no persistence.