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Contact / Feedback form plugin for Mephisto
Required setup: Rails edge, Mephisto (from trunk rather than release)
1. Install plug-in into:
2. Create a new template called 'contact_us.liquid' though the admin web interface (under the 'Design' tab).
Paste in the following code:
<H1>Contact Us</H1>
{% contactform %}
<p>{{ }}<label for="author"><small>Your name</small></label></p>
<p>{{ }}<label for="email"><small>Email address</small></label></p>
<p>{{}}<label for="phone"><small>Phone number (optional)</small></label></p>
<p>{{ form.subject}}<label for="subject"><small>Subject</small></label></p>
<p>{{ form.body }}</p>
<p>{{ form.submit }}</p>
{% endcontactform %}
Feel free to modify labels, layout etc.
3. Edit {MEPHISTO_ROOT}\vendor\plugins\mephisto_contact_form\lib\contact_notifier.rb
and put in the email address you want contact form submissions to go to.
4. Link to "/contact_form" from your site.
Other Details
Author:: James Crisp (
Further info::
Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2007 ThoughtWorks
License:: Apache Version 2.0 (see