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Travis build status npm Version npm downloads supported node versions MIT License is an application framework based on Node.js and MongoDB for building command line programs, microservices, and APIs.

With you can create simple, database-centric microservices with virtually no code. At the same time is designed to let you under the hood and allows you to write highly customized APIs much like you would with lower-level libraries such as Express.js.


To install:

$ npm install carbon-io

Copy the following code into service.js:

var carbon = require('carbon-io')

var o  = carbon.atom.o(module).main
var __ = carbon.fibers.__(module)

__(function() {
  module.exports = o({
    _type: carbon.carbond.Service,
    port: 8888,
    endpoints: {
      hello: o({
        _type: carbon.carbond.Endpoint,
        get: function(req) {
          return { msg: "Hello world!" }

This will create a service which will respond with "Hello world!" on the /hello endpoint. Run the service with:

$ node service

And test it using:

$ curl localhost:8888/hello


Interested in getting started with Check out our detailed documentation on the website.


Interested in contributing to We love to receive new contributions! There are many ways to contribute, from writing tutorials or blog posts, improving the documentation, submitting bug reports and feature requests or writing code which can be incorporated into itself.

Check out our for tips on how to get started!


MIT License

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