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The Carpentries Instructor Trainers Group

Purpose and Scope

This is the group of certified Instructor Trainers. We train new Instructors and collaboratively develop the Instructor Training curriculum.

What We Do

What we do is described in detail in the instructor trainer agreement policy document:

Briefly, we carry out tasks including:


Active and Alumni members who have agreed to public listing are identified on The Carpentries website.
Active Trainers
Trainer Alumni


The trainer community self governs as per the governance document. As of March 2021 this governance remains provisional pending approval by The Carpentries Executive Council. The elected leadership panel governs operates according to their meeting rules.

Elected members of Leadership as of March, 2021 are:

  • Sarah Brown (Chair)
  • Jeff Oliver (Secretary)
  • Arin Basu
  • Amanda Charbonneau
  • Mark Crowe