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Change Log

[2.0.0-alpha03] - 2022-06-17

Breaking Changes

  • Dialects are now references like actual gradle dependencies.
sqldelight {
  MyDatabase {
  • The AfterVersionWithDriver type was removed in favour of AfterVersion which now always has the driver.
  • The Schema type is no longer a subtype of SqlDriver
  • PreparedStatement APIs are now called with zero-based indexes.


  • [IDE Plugin] Added support for running SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL commands against a running database (#2718 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add support for the android studio DB inspector (#3107 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [Runtime] Add support for async drivers (#3168 by Derek Ellis)
  • [Native Driver] Support new kotlin native memory model (#3177 by Kevin Galligan)
  • [JS Driver] Add a driver for SqlJs workers (#3203 by Derek Ellis)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Expose the classpath for SQLDelight tasks
  • [Gradle Plugin] Add a gradle task for squashing migrations
  • [Gradle Plugin] Add a flag to ignore schema definitions during migration checks
  • [MySQL Dialect] Support FOR SHARE and FOR UPDATE in MySQL (#3098)
  • [MySQL Dialect] Support MySQL index hints (#3099)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Add date_trunc (#3295 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [JSON Extensions] Support JSON table functions (#3090)


  • [Runtime] Remove the AfterVersion type without the driver (#3091)
  • [Runtime] Move Schema type to top-level
  • [Runtime] Open dialect and resolver to support 3rd party implementations (#3232 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [Compiler] Include the dialect used to compile in failure reports (#3086)
  • [Compiler] Skip unused adapters (#3162 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [Compiler] Use zero based index in PrepareStatement (#3269 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Also make the dialect a proper gradle dependency instead of a string (#3085)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle Verify Task: Throw when missing database file. (#3126 by Niklas Baudy)


  • [Gradle Plugin] Minor cleanups and tweaks to the Gradle plugin (#3171 by Matthew Haughton)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Dont use an AGP string for the generated directory
  • [Gradle Plugin] Use AGP namespace attribute (#3220)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Do not add kotlin-stdlib as a runtime dependency of the Gradle plugin (#3245 by [Martin Bonnin][mbonnin])
  • [Gradle Plugin] Simplify the multiplatform configuration (#3246 by [Martin Bonnin][mbonnin])
  • [Gradle Plugin] Support js only projects (#3310 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [IDE Plugin] Use java home for gradle tooling API (#3078)
  • [IDE Plugin] Load the JDBC driver on the correct classLoader inside the IDE plugin (#3080)
  • [IDE Plugin] Mark the file element as null before invalidating to avoid errors during already existing PSI changes (#3082)
  • [IDE Plugin] Dont crash finding usages of the new table name in an ALTER TABLE statement (#3106)
  • [IDE Plugin] Optimize the inspectors and enable them to fail silently for expected exception types (#3121)
  • [IDE Plugin] Delete files that should be generated directories (#3198)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix a not-safe operator call
  • [Compiler] Ensure updates and deletes with RETURNING statements execute queries. (#3084)
  • [Compiler] Correctly infer argument types in compound selects (#3096)
  • [Compiler] Common tables do not generate data classes so dont return them (#3097)
  • [Compiler] Find the top migration file faster (#3108)
  • [Compiler] Properly inherit nullability on the pipe operator
  • [Compiler] Support the iif ANSI SQL function
  • [Compiler] Don't generate empty query files (#3300 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [Compiler] Fix adapter with question mark only (#3314 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Postgres primary key columns are always non-null (#3092)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Fix copy with same name in multiple tables (#3297 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [SQLite 3.35 Dialect] Only show an error when dropping an indexed column from the altered table (#3158 by Eliezer Graber)

[2.0.0-alpha02] - 2022-04-13

Breaking Changes

  • You'll need to replace all occurrences of with


  • [Compiler] Support returning at the end of a grouped statement
  • [Compiler] Support compiler extensions via dialect modules and add a SQLite JSON extension (#1379, #2087)
  • [Compiler] Support PRAGMA statements which return a value (#1106)
  • [Compiler] Support generating value types for marked columns
  • [Compiler] Add support for optimistic locks and validation (#1952)
  • [Compiler] Support multi-update statements
  • [PostgreSQL] Support postgres returning statements
  • [PostgreSQL] Support postgres date types
  • [PostgreSQL] Support pg intervals
  • [PostgreSQL] Support PG Booleans and fix inserts on alter tables
  • [PostgreSQL] Support optional limits in Postgres
  • [PostgreSQL] Support PG BYTEA type
  • [PostgreSQL] Add a test for postgres serials
  • [PostgreSQL] Support for update postgres syntax
  • [PostgreSQL] Support PostgreSQL array types
  • [PostgreSQL] Properly store/retrieve UUID types in PG
  • [PostgreSQL] Support PostgreSQL NUMERIC type (#1882)
  • [PostgreSQL] Support returning queries inside of common table expressions (#2471)
  • [PostgreSQL] Support json specific operators
  • [PostgreSQL] Add Postgres Copy (by Philip Wedemann)
  • [MySQL] Support MySQL Replace
  • [MySQL] Support NUMERIC/BigDecimal MySQL types (#2051)
  • [MySQL] Support MySQL truncate statement
  • [MySQL] Support json specific operators in Mysql (by Eliezer Graber)
  • [MySQL] Support MySql INTERVAL (#2969 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [HSQL] Add HSQL Window functionality
  • [SQLite] Don't replace equality checks for nullable parameters in a WHERE (#1490 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [SQLite] Support Sqlite 3.35 returning statements (#1490 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [SQLite] Support GENERATED clause
  • [SQLite] Add support for Sqlite 3.38 dialect (by Eliezer Graber)


  • [Compiler] Clean up generated code a bit
  • [Compiler] Forbid usage of table parameters in grouped statements (#1822)
  • [Compiler] Put grouped queries inside a transaction (#2785)
  • [Runtime] Return the updated row count from the drivers execute method
  • [Runtime] Confine SqlCursor to the critical section accessing the connection. (#2123 by Anders Ha)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Compare schema definitions for migrations (#841)
  • [PostgreSQL] Disallow double quotes for PG
  • [MySQL] Error on usage of == in MySQL (#2673)


  • [Compiler] Same adapter type from different tables causing a compilation error in 2.0 alpha
  • [Compiler] Problem compiling upsert statement (#2791)
  • [Compiler] Query result should use tables in the select if there are multiple matches (#1874, #2313)
  • [Compiler] Support updating a view which has a INSTEAD OF trigger (#1018)
  • [Compiler] Support from and for in function names
  • [Compiler] Allow SEPARATOR keyword in function expressions
  • [Compiler] Cannot access ROWID of aliased table in ORDER BY
  • [Compiler] Aliased column name is not recognized in HAVING clause in MySQL
  • [Compiler] Erroneous 'Multiple columns found' error
  • [Compiler] Unable to set PRAGMA locking_mode = EXCLUSIVE;
  • [PostgreSQL] Postgresql rename column
  • [MySQL] UNIX_TIMESTAMP, TO_SECONDS, JSON_ARRAYAGG MySQL functions not recognized
  • [SQLite] fix SQLite window functionality
  • [IDE Plugin] Run the goto handler in an empty progress indicator (#2990)
  • [IDE Plugin] Ensure the highlight visitor doesnt run if the project isnt configured (#2981, #2976)
  • [IDE Plugin] Ensure transitive generated code is also updated in the IDE (#1837)
  • [IDE Plugin] Invalidate indexes when updating the dialect

[2.0.0-alpha01] - 2022-03-31

This is the first alpha release for 2.0 and has some breaking changes. We expect more ABI breaking changes to come so don't publish any libraries with dependencies on this release (applications should be fine).

Breaking Changes

  • First, you'll need to replace all occurrences of com.squareup.sqldelight with
  • Second, you'll need to replace all occurrences of with
  • Third, you'll need to replace all occurrences of with
  • Fourth, you'll need to replace all occurrences of with
  • The IDE plugin must be updated to a 2.X version, which can be found in the alpha or eap channel
  • Dialects are now dependencies which you can specify within gradle:
sqldelight {
  MyDatabase {
    packageName = "com.example"
    dialect = ""

The currently supported dialects are mysql-dialect, postgresql-dialect, hsql-dialect, sqlite-3-18-dialect, sqlite-3-24-dialect, sqlite-3-25-dialect, sqlite-3-30-dialect, and sqlite-3-35-dialect

  • Primitive types must now be imported (for example INTEGER AS Boolean you have to import kotlin.Boolean), some previously supported types now need an adapter. Primitive adapters are available in for most conversions (like IntColumnAdapter for doing Integer AS kotlin.Int).



  • [Everything] Package name has changed from com.squareup.sqldelight to
  • [Runtime] Move dialects into their own isolated gradle modules
  • [Runtime] Switch to driver-implemented query notifications.
  • [Runtime] Extract default column adapters to separate module (#2056, #2060)
  • [Compiler] Let modules generate the queries implementations instead of redoing it in each module
  • [Compiler] Remove the custom toString generation of generated data classes. (by Paul Woitaschek)
  • [JS Driver] Remove sql.js dependency from sqljs-driver (by Derek Ellis)
  • [Paging] Remove the android paging 2 extension
  • [IDE Plugin] Add an editor banner while SQLDelight is syncing (#2511)
  • [IDE Plugin] Minimum supported IntelliJ version is 2021.1


  • [Runtime] Flatten listener list to reduce allocations and pointer chasing. (by Anders Ha)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix error message to allow jumping to error (by Philip Wedemann)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add missing inspection descriptions (#2768 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix exception in GotoDeclarationHandler (#2531, #2688, #2804 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Highlight import keyword (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix unresolved kotlin types (#1678 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix highlighting for unresolved package (#2543 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Dont attempt to inspect mismatched columns if the project index is not yet initialized
  • [IDE Plugin] Dont initialize the file index until a gradle sync has occurred
  • [IDE Plugin] Cancel the SQLDelight import if a gradle sync begins
  • [IDE Plugin] Regenerate the database outside of the thread an undo action is performed on
  • [IDE Plugin] If a reference cannot be resolves use a blank java type
  • [IDE Plugin] Correctly move off the main thread during file parsing and only move back on to write
  • [IDE Plugin] Improve compatibility with older IntelliJ versions (by Matthew Haughton)
  • [IDE Plugin] Use faster annotation API
  • [Gradle Plugin] Explicitly support js/android plugins when adding runtime (by [Zac Sweers][ZacSweers])
  • [Gradle Plugin] Register migration output task without derviving schemas from migrations (#2744 by Kevin Cianfarini)
  • [Gradle Plugin] If the migration task crashes, print the file it crashed running
  • [Gradle Plugin] Sort files when generating code to ensure idempotent outputs (by [Zac Sweers][ZacSweers])
  • [Compiler] Use faster APIs for iterating files and dont explore the entire PSI graph
  • [Compiler] Add keyword mangling to select function parameters (#2759 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [Compiler] Fix packageName for migration adapter (by Philip Wedemann)
  • [Compiler] Emit annotations on properties instead of types (#2798 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [Compiler] Sort arguments before passing to a Query subtype (#2379 by Alexander Perfilyev)

[1.5.3] - 2021-11-23


  • [JDBC Driver] Open JdbcDriver for 3rd party driver implementations (#2672 by Philip Wedemann)
  • [MySQL Dialect] Add missing functions for time increments (#2671 by Sam Doward)
  • [Coroutines Extension] Add M1 targets for coroutines-extensions (by Philip Dukhov)


  • [Paging3 Extension] Distribute sqldelight-android-paging3 as JAR instead of AAR (#2634 by Marco Romano)
  • Property names which are also soft keywords will now be suffixed with underscores. For instance value will be exposed as value_


  • [Compiler] Don't extract variables for duplicate array parameters (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [Gradle Plugin] add kotlin.mpp.enableCompatibilityMetadataVariant. (#2628 by Martin Bonnin)
  • [IDE Plugin] Find usages processing requires a read action

[1.5.2] - 2021-10-12


  • [Gradle Plugin] HMPP support (#2548 by Martin Bonnin)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add NULL comparison inspection (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add inspection suppressor (#2519 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Mixed named and positional parameters inspection (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [SQLite Driver] Add mingwX86 target. (#2558 by Nikita Kozhemyakin)
  • [SQLite Driver] Add M1 targets
  • [SQLite Driver] Add linuxX64 support (#2456 by Cedric Hippmann)
  • [MySQL Dialect] Add ROW_COUNT function to mysql (#2523)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] postgres rename, drop column (by Juan Liska)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] PostgreSQL grammar doesn't recognize CITEXT
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Add grammar for PostgreSQL GENERATED columns
  • [Runtime] Provide SqlDriver as a parameter to AfterVersion (#2534, 2614 by Ahmed El-Helw)


  • [Gradle Plugin] explicitely require Gradle 7.0 (#2572 by Martin Bonnin)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Make VerifyMigrationTask support Gradle's up-to-date checks (#2533 by Matthew Haughton)
  • [IDE Plugin] Don't warn with "Join compares two columns of different types" when joining nullable with non-nullable type (#2550 by Piotr Chmielowski)
  • [IDE Plugin] Clarify the error for the lowercase 'as' in column type (by Alexander Perfilyev)


  • [IDE Plugin] Do not reparse under a new dialect if the project is already disposed (#2609)
  • [IDE Plugin] If the associated virtual file is null, the module is null (#2607)
  • [IDE Plugin] Avoid crashing during the unused query inspection (#2610)
  • [IDE Plugin] Run the database sync write inside of a write action (#2605)
  • [IDE Plugin] Let the IDE schedule SQLDelight syncronization
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix npe in JavaTypeMixin (#2603 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in MismatchJoinColumnInspection (#2602 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add description for UnusedColumnInspection (#2600 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Wrap PsiElement.generatedVirtualFiles into read action (#2599 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Remove unnecessary nonnull cast (#2596)
  • [IDE Plugin] Properly handle nulls for find usages (#2595)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix IDE autocomplete for generated files for Android (#2573 by Martin Bonnin)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix npe in SqlDelightGotoDeclarationHandler (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Mangle kotlin keywords in arguments inside insert stmt (#2433 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix npe in SqlDelightFoldingBuilder (#2382 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Catch ClassCastException in CopyPasteProcessor (#2369 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix update live template (by Ilias Redissi)
  • [IDE Plugin] Adds descriptions to intention actions (#2489 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix exception in CreateTriggerMixin if table is not found (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [Compiler] Topologically sort table creation statemenets
  • [Compiler] Stop invoking forDatabaseFiles callback on directories (#2532)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Propagate generateDatabaseInterface task dependency to potential consumers (#2518 by Martin Bonnin)

[1.5.1] - 2021-07-16



  • [Native Driver] Improve native transaction performance by avoiding freezing and shareable data structures when possible (by Anders Ha)
  • [Paging 3] Bump Paging3 version to 3.0.0 stable
  • [JS Driver] Upgrade sql.js to 1.5.0


  • [JDBC SQLite Driver] Call close() on connection before clearing the ThreadLocal (#2444 by Hannes Struß)
  • [RX extensions] Fix subscription / disposal race leak (#2403 by Pierre Yves Ricau)
  • [Coroutines extension] Ensure we register query listener before notifying
  • [Compiler] Sort notifyQueries to have consistent kotlin output file (by Jiayu Chen)
  • [Compiler] Don't annotate select query class properties with @JvmField (by Eliezer Graber)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix import optimizer (#2350 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix unused column inspection (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add nested classes support to import inspection and class annotator (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix npe in CopyPasteProcessor (#2363 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix crash in InlayParameterHintsProvider (#2359 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix insertion of blank lines when copy-pasting any text into create table stmt (#2431 by Alexander Perfilyev)

[1.5.0] - 2021-04-23


  • [SQLite Javascript Driver] Enable sqljs-driver publication (#1667 by Derek Ellis)
  • [Paging3 Extension] Extension for Android Paging 3 Library (#1786 by Kevin Cianfarini)

[1.5.0] - 2021-04-23


  • [SQLite Javascript Driver] Enable sqljs-driver publication (#1667 by Derek Ellis)
  • [Paging3 Extension] Extension for Android Paging 3 Library (#1786 by Kevin Cianfarini)
  • [MySQL Dialect] Adds support for mysql's ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE conflict resolution. (by Ryan Harter)
  • [SQLite Dialect] Add compiler support for SQLite offsets() (by Quinton Roberts)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add import quick fix for unknown type (#683 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add unused import inspection (#1161 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add unused query inspection (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Add unused column inspection (#569 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Automatically bring imports on copy/paste (#684 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Pop a balloon when there are incompatibilities between gradle/intellij plugin versions
  • [IDE Plugin] Insert Into ... VALUES(?) parameter hints (#506 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] Inline parameter hints (by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [Runtime] Include an API in the runtime for running migrations with callbacks (#1844)


  • [Compiler] Smart cast "IS NOT NULL" queries (#867)
  • [Compiler] Protect against keywords that will fail at runtime (#1471, #1629)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Reduce size of gradle plugin from 60mb -> 13mb.
  • [Gradle Plugin] Properly support android variants, and remove support for KMM target-specific sql (#1039)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Pick a minimum sqlite version based on minsdk (#1684)
  • [Native Driver] Native driver connection pool and performance updates


  • [Compiler] NBSP before lambdas (by Benoît Quenaudon)
  • [Compiler] Fix incompatible types in generated bind* and cursor.get* statements
  • [Compiler] SQL clause should persist adapted type (#2067)
  • [Compiler] Column with only NULL keyword should be nullable
  • [Compiler] Dont generate mapper lambda with type annotations (#1957)
  • [Compiler] If custom queries would clash, use the file name as an additional package suffix (#1057, #1278)
  • [Compiler] Ensure foreign key cascades cause query listeners to be notified (#1325, #1485)
  • [Compiler] If unioning two of the same type, return the table type (#1342)
  • [Compiler] Ensure params to ifnull and coalesce can be nullable (#1263)
  • [Compiler] Correctly use query-imposed nullability for expressions
  • [MySQL Dialect] Support MySQL if statements
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Retrieve NUMERIC and DECIMAL as Double in PostgreSQL (#2118)
  • [SQLite Dialect] UPSERT notifications should account for BEFORE/AFTER UPDATE triggers. (#2198 by Anders Ha)
  • [SQLite Driver] Use multiple connections for threads in the SqliteDriver unless we are in memory (#1832)
  • [JDBC Driver] JDBC Driver assumes autoCommit is true (#2041)
  • [JDBC Driver] Ensure that we close connections on exception (#2306)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix GoToDeclaration/FindUsages being broken on Windows due to path separator bug (#2054 by Angus Holder)
  • [IDE Plugin] Ignore gradle errors instead of crashing in the IDE.
  • [IDE Plugin] If a sqldelight file is moved to a non-sqldelight module, do not attempt codegen
  • [IDE Plugin] Ignore codegen errors in IDE
  • [IDE Plugin] Ensure that we dont try to negatively substring (#2068)
  • [IDE Plugin] Also ensure project is not disposed before running gradle action (#2155)
  • [IDE Plugin] Arithmetic on nullable types should also be nullable (#1853)
  • [IDE Plugin] Make 'expand * intention' work with additional projections (#2173 by Alexander Perfilyev)
  • [IDE Plugin] If kotlin resolution fails during GoTo, dont attempt to go to sqldelight files
  • [IDE Plugin] If IntelliJ encounters an exception while sqldelight is indexing, dont crash
  • [IDE Plugin] Handle exceptions that happen while detecting errors before codegen in the IDE
  • [IDE Plugin] Make the IDE plugin compatible with Dynamic Plugins (#1536)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Race condition generating a database using WorkerApi (#2062 by Stéphane Nicolas)
  • [Gradle Plugin] classLoaderIsolation prevents custom jdbc usage (#2048 by Ben Asher)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Improve missing packageName error message (by Niklas Baudy)
  • [Gradle Plugin] SQLDelight bleeds IntelliJ dependencies onto buildscript class path (#1998)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Fix gradle build caching (#2075)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Do not depend on kotlin-native-utils in Gradle plugin (by Ilya Matveev)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Also write the database if there are only migration files (#2094)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Ensure diamond dependencies only get picked up once in the final compilation unit (#1455)

Also just a general shoutout to Matthew Haughton who did a lot of work to improve the SQLDelight infrastructure this release.

[1.4.4] - 2020-10-08


  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Support data-modifying statements in WITH
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Support substring function
  • [Gradle Plugin] Added verifyMigrations flag for validating migrations during SQLDelight compilation (#1872)


  • [Compiler] Flag SQLite specific functions as unknown in non-SQLite dialects
  • [Gradle Plugin] Provide a warning when the sqldelight plugin is applied but no databases are configured (#1421)


  • [Compiler] Report an error when binding a column name in an ORDER BY clause (#1187 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [Compiler] Registry warnings appear when generating the db interface (#1792)
  • [Compiler] Incorrect type inference for case statement (#1811)
  • [Compiler] Provide better errors for migration files with no version (#2006)
  • [Compiler] Required database type to marshal is incorrect for some database type ColumnAdapter's (#2012)
  • [Compiler] Nullability of CAST (#1261)
  • [Compiler] Lots of name shadowed warnings in query wrappers (#1946 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [Compiler] Generated code is using full qualifier names (#1939)
  • [IDE Plugin] Trigger sqldelight code gen from gradle syncs
  • [IDE Plugin] Plugin not regenerating database interface when changing .sq files (#1945)
  • [IDE Plugin] Issue when moving files to new packages (#444)
  • [IDE Plugin] If theres nowhere to move the cursor, do nothing instead of crashing (#1994)
  • [IDE Plugin] Use empty package name for files outside of a gradle project (#1973)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fail gracefully for invalid types (#1943)
  • [IDE Plugin] Throw a better error message when encountering an unknown expression (#1958)
  • [Gradle Plugin] SQLDelight bleeds IntelliJ dependencies onto buildscript class path (#1998)
  • [Gradle Plugin] "JavadocIntegrationKt not found" compilation error when adding method doc in *.sq file (#1982)
  • [Gradle Plugin] SqlDeslight gradle plugin doesn't support Configuration Caching (CoCa). (#1947 by Stéphane Nicolas)
  • [SQLite JDBC Driver] SQLException: database in auto-commit mode (#1832)
  • [Coroutines Extension] Fix IR backend for coroutines-extensions (#1918 by Derek Ellis)

[1.4.3] - 2020-09-04



  • [MySQL Dialect] Treat MySQL AUTO_INCREMENT as having a default value (#1823)
  • [Compiler] Fix Upsert statement compiler error (#1809 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [Compiler] Fix issue with invalid Kotlin being generated (#1925 by Eliezer Graber)
  • [Compiler] Have a better error message for unknown functions (#1843)
  • [Compiler] Expose string as the type for the second parameter of instr
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix daemon bloat and UI thread stalling for IDE plugin (#1916)
  • [IDE Plugin] Handle null module scenario (#1902)
  • [IDE Plugin] In unconfigured sq files return empty string for the package name (#1920)
  • [IDE Plugin] Fix grouped statements and add an integration test for them (#1820)
  • [IDE Plugin] Use built in ModuleUtil to find the module for an element (#1854)
  • [IDE Plugin] Only add valid elements to lookups (#1909)
  • [IDE Plugin] Parent can be null (#1857)

[1.4.2] - 2020-08-27


  • [Runtime] Support new JS IR backend
  • [Gradle Plugin] Add generateSqlDelightInterface Gradle task. (by Niklas Baudy)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Add verifySqlDelightMigration Gradle task. (by Niklas Baudy)


  • [IDE Plugin] Use the gradle tooling API to facilitate data sharing between the IDE and gradle
  • [IDE Plugin] Default to false for schema derivation
  • [IDE Plugin] Properly retrieve the commonMain source set
  • [MySQL Dialect] Added minute to mySqlFunctionType() (by MaaxGr)

[1.4.1] - 2020-08-21


  • [Runtime] Support Kotlin 1.4.0 (#1859)


  • [Gradle Plugin] Make AGP dependency compileOnly (#1362)


  • [Compiler] Add optional javadoc to column defintion rule and to table interface generator (#1224 by Daniel Eke)
  • [SQLite Dialect] Add support for sqlite fts5 auxiliary functions highlight, snippet, and bm25 (by Daniel Rampelt)
  • [MySQL Dialect] Support MySQL bit data type
  • [MySQL Dialect] Support MySQL binary literals
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Expose SERIAL from sql-psi (by Veyndan Stuart)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Add BOOLEAN data type (by Veyndan Stuart)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Add NULL column constraint (by Veyndan Stuart)
  • [HSQL Dialect] Adds AUTO_INCREMENT support to HSQL (by Ryan Harter)

[1.4.0] - 2020-06-22


  • [MySQL Dialect] MySQL support (by Jeff Gulbronson & Veyndan Stuart)
  • [PostgreSQL Dialect] Experimental PostgreSQL support (by Veyndan Stuart)
  • [HSQL Dialect] Experimental H2 support (by Marius Volkhart)
  • [SQLite Dialect] SQLite FTS5 support (by Ben Asher & James Palawaga)
  • [SQLite Dialect] Support alter table rename column (#1505 by Angus Holder)
  • [IDE] IDE support for migration (.sqm) files
  • [IDE] Add SQLDelight Live Templates that mimic built-in SQL Live Templates (#1154 by Veyndan Stuart)
  • [IDE] Add new SqlDelight file action (#42 by Roman Zavarnitsyn)
  • [Runtime] transactionWithReturn API for transactions that return results
  • [Compiler] Syntax for grouping multiple SQL statements together in a .sq file
  • [Compiler] Support generating schemas from migration files
  • [Gradle Plugin] Add a task for outputting migration files as valid sql


  • [Documentation] Overhaul of the documentation website (by Saket Narayan)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Improve unsupported dialect error message (by Veyndan Stuart)
  • [IDE] Dynamically change file icon based on dialect (by Veyndan Stuart)
  • [JDBC Driver] Expose a JdbcDriver constructor off of javax.sql.DataSource (#1614)


  • [Compiler]Support Javadoc on tables and fix multiple javadoc in one file (#1224)
  • [Compiler] Enable inserting a value for synthesized columns (#1351)
  • [Compiler] Fix inconsistency in directory name sanitizing (by Zac Sweers)
  • [Compiler] Synthesized columns should retain nullability across joins (#1656)
  • [Compiler] Pin the delete statement on the delete keyword (#1643)
  • [Compiler] Fix quoting (#1525 by Angus Holder)
  • [Compiler] Fix the between operator to properly recurse into expressions (#1279)
  • [Compiler] Give better error for missing table/column when creating an index (#1372)
  • [Compiler] Enable using the outer querys projection in join constraints (#1346)
  • [Native Driver] Make execute use transationPool (by Ben Asher)
  • [JDBC Driver] Use the jdbc transaction APIs instead of sqlite (#1693)
  • [IDE] Fix virtualFile references to always be the original file (#1782)
  • [IDE] Use the correct throwable when reporting errors to bugsnag (#1262)
  • [Paging Extension] Fix leaky DataSource (#1628)
  • [Gradle Plugin] If the output db file already exists when generating a schema, delete it (#1645)
  • [Gradle Plugin] Fail migration validation if there are gaps
  • [Gradle Plugin] Explicitely use the file index we set (#1644)

[1.3.0] - 2020-04-03

  • New: [Gradle] Dialect property to specify with sql dialect to compile against.
  • New: [Compiler] #1009 Experimental support of the mysql dialect.
  • New: [Compiler] #1436 Support of sqlite:3.24 dialect and upsert.
  • New: [JDBC Driver] Split out JDBC driver from sqlite jvm driver.
  • Fix: [Compiler] #1199 Support lambdas of any length.
  • Fix: [Compiler] #1610 Fix the return type of avg() to be nullable.
  • Fix: [IntelliJ] #1594 Fix path separator handling which broke Goto and Find Usages on Windows.

[1.2.2] - 2020-01-22

  • New: [Runtime] Support for Windows (mingW), tvOS, watchOS, and macOS architectures.
  • Fix: [Compiler] Return type of sum() should be nullable.
  • Fix: [Paging] Pass Transacter into QueryDataSourceFactory to avoid race conditions.
  • Fix: [IntelliJ Plugin] Don't search through dependencies when looking for a file's package name.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #862 Change validator logs in Gradle to debug level.
  • Enhancement: [Gradle] Convert GenerateSchemaTask to use Gradle worker.
  • Note: sqldelight-runtime artifact renamed to runtime.

[1.2.1] - 2019-12-11

  • Fix: [Gradle] Kotlin Native 1.3.60 support.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1287 Warning when syncing.
  • Fix: [Compiler] #1469 SynetheticAccessor creation for query.
  • Fix: [JVM Driver] Fixed memory leak.
  • NOTE: The coroutine extension artifact requires kotlinx bintray maven repository be added to your buildscript.

[1.2.0] - 2019-08-30

  • New: [Runtime] Stable Flow api.
  • Fix: [Gradle] Kotlin Native 1.3.50 support.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1380 Clean build sometimes fails.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1348 Running verify tasks prints "Could not retrieve functions".
  • Fix: [Compile] #1405 Can't build project if query contains FTS table joined.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1266 Sporadic gradle build failure while having multiple database modules.

[1.1.4] - 2019-07-11

  • New: [Runtime] Experimental kotlin Flow api.
  • Fix: [Gradle] Kotlin/Native 1.3.40 compatibility.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1243 Fix for usage of SQLDelight with Gradle configure on demand.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1385 Fix for usage of SQLDelight with incremental annotation processing.
  • Fix: [Gradle] Allow gradle tasks to cache.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1274 Enable usage of sqldelight extension with kotlin dsl.
  • Fix: [Compiler] Unique ids are generated for each query deterministically.
  • Fix: [Compiler] Only notify listening queries when a transaction is complete.
  • Fix: [JVM Driver] #1370 Force JdbcSqliteDriver users to supply a DB URL.

[1.1.3] - 2019-04-14

  • Gradle Metadata 1.0 release.

[1.1.2] - 2019-04-14

  • New: [Runtime] #1267 Logging driver decorator.
  • Fix: [Compiler] #1254 Split string literals which are longer than 2^16 characters.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1260 generated sources are recognized as iOS source in Multiplatform Project.
  • Fix: [IDE] #1290 kotlin.KotlinNullPointerException in CopyAsSqliteAction.kt:43.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1268 Running linkDebugFrameworkIos* tasks fail in recent versions.

[1.1.1] - 2019-03-01

  • Fix: [Gradle] Fix module dependency compilation for android projects.
  • Fix: [Gradle] #1246 Set up api dependencies in afterEvaluate.
  • Fix: [Compiler] Array types are properly printed.

[1.1.0] - 2019-02-27

  • New: [Gradle] #502 Allow specifying schema module dependencies.
  • Enhancement: [Compiler] #1111 Table errors are sorted before other errors.
  • Fix: [Compiler] #1225 Return the correct type for REAL literals.
  • Fix: [Compiler] #1218 docid propagates through triggers.

[1.0.3] - 2019-01-30

  • Enhancement: [Runtime] #1195 Native Driver/Runtime Arm32.
  • Enhancement: [Runtime] #1190 Expose the mapper from the Query type.

[1.0.2] - 2019-01-26

  • Fix: [Gradle Plugin] Update to kotlin 1.3.20.
  • Fix: [Runtime] Transactions no longer swallow exceptions.

[1.0.1] - 2019-01-21

  • Enhancement: [Native Driver] Allow passing directory name to DatabaseConfiguration.
  • Enhancement: [Compiler] #1173 Files without a package fail compilation.
  • Fix: [IDE] Properly report IDE errors to Square.
  • Fix: [IDE] #1162 Types in the same package show as error but work fine.
  • Fix: [IDE] #1166 Renaming a table fails with NPE.
  • Fix: [Compiler] #1167 Throws an exception when trying to parse complex SQL statements with UNION and SELECT.

[1.0.0] - 2019-01-08

  • New: Complete overhaul of generated code, now in kotlin.
  • New: RxJava2 extensions artifact.
  • New: Android Paging extensions artifact.
  • New: Kotlin Multiplatform support.
  • New: Android, iOS and JVM SQLite driver artifacts.
  • New: Transaction API.

[0.7.0] - 2018-02-12

  • New: Generated code has been updated to use the Support SQLite library only. All queries now generate statement objects instead of a raw strings.
  • New: Statement folding in the IDE.
  • New: Boolean types are now automatically handled.
  • Fix: Remove deprecated marshals from code generation.
  • Fix: Correct 'avg' SQL function type mapping to be REAL.
  • Fix: Correctly detect 'julianday' SQL function.

[0.6.1] - 2017-03-22

  • New: Delete Update and Insert statements without arguments get compiled statements generated.
  • Fix: Using clause within a view used in a subquery doesn't error.
  • Fix: Duplicate types on generated Mapper removed.
  • Fix: Subqueries can be used in expressions that check against arguments.

[0.6.0] - 2017-03-06

  • New: Select queries are now exposed as a SqlDelightStatement factory instead of string constants.
  • New: Query JavaDoc is now copied to statement and mapper factories.
  • New: Emit string constants for view names.
  • Fix: Queries on views which require factories now correctly require those factories are arguments.
  • Fix: Validate the number of arguments to an insert matches the number of columns specified.
  • Fix: Properly encode blob literals used in where clauses.
  • Gradle 3.3 or newer is required for this release.

[0.5.1] - 2016-10-24

  • New: Compiled statements extend an abstract type.
  • Fix: Primitive types in parameters will be boxed if nullable.
  • Fix: All required factories for bind args are present in factory method.
  • Fix: Escaped column names are marshalled correctly.

[0.5.0] - 2016-10-19

  • New: SQLite arguments can be passed typesafely through the Factory
  • New: IntelliJ plugin performs formatting on .sq files
  • New: Support for SQLite timestamp literals
  • Fix: Parameterized types can be clicked through in IntelliJ
  • Fix: Escaped column names no longer throw RuntimeExceptions if grabbed from Cursor.
  • Fix: Gradle plugin doesn't crash trying to print exceptions.

[0.4.4] - 2016-07-20

  • New: Native support for shorts as column java type
  • New: Javadoc on generated mappers and factory methods
  • Fix: group_concat and nullif functions have proper nullability
  • Fix: Compatibility with Android Studio 2.2-alpha
  • Fix: WITH RECURSIVE no longer crashes plugin

[0.4.3] - 2016-07-07

  • New: Compilation errors link to source file.
  • New: Right-click to copy SQLDelight code as valid SQLite.
  • New: Javadoc on named statements will appear on generated Strings.
  • Fix: Generated view models include nullability annotations.
  • Fix: Generated code from unions has proper type and nullability to support all possible columns.
  • Fix: sum and round SQLite functions have proper type in generated code.
  • Fix: CAST's, inner selects bugfixes.
  • Fix: Autocomplete in CREATE TABLE statements.
  • Fix: SQLite keywords can be used in packages.

[0.4.2] - 2016-06-16

  • New: Marshal can be created from the factory.
  • Fix: IntelliJ plugin generates factory methods with proper generic order.
  • Fix: Function names can use any casing.

[0.4.1] - 2016-06-14

  • Fix: IntelliJ plugin generates classes with proper generic order.
  • Fix: Column definitions can use any casing.

[0.4.0] - 2016-06-14

  • New: Mappers are generated per query instead of per table.
  • New: Java types can be imported in .sq files.
  • New: SQLite functions are validated.
  • Fix: Remove duplicate errors.
  • Fix: Uppercase column names and java keyword column names do not error.

[0.3.2] - 2016-05-14

  • New: Autocompletion and find usages now work for views and aliases.
  • Fix: Compile-time validation now allows functions to be used in selects.
  • Fix: Support insert statements which only declare default values.
  • Fix: Plugin no longer crashes when a project not using SQLDelight is imported.

[0.3.1] - 2016-04-27

  • Fix: Interface visibility changed back to public to avoid Illegal Access runtime exceptions from method references.
  • Fix: Subexpressions are evaluated properly.

[0.3.0] - 2016-04-26

  • New: Column definitions use SQLite types and can have additional 'AS' constraint to specify java type.
  • New: Bug reports can be sent from the IDE.
  • Fix: Autocomplete functions properly.
  • Fix: SQLDelight model files update on .sq file edit.
  • Removed: Attached databases no longer supported.

[0.2.2] - 2016-03-07

  • New: Compile-time validation of the columns used by insert, update, delete, index, and trigger statements.
  • Fix: Don't crash IDE plugin on file move/create.

[0.2.1] - 2016-03-07

  • New: Ctrl+/ (Cmd+/ on OSX) toggles comment of the selected line(s).
  • New: Compile-time validation of the columns used by SQL queries.
  • Fix: Support Windows paths in both the IDE and Gradle plugin.

[0.2.0] - 2016-02-29

  • New: Added copy constructor to Marshal class.
  • New: Update to Kotlin 1.0 final.
  • Fix: Report 'sqldelight' folder structure problems in a non-failing way.
  • Fix: Forbid columns named table_name. Their generated constant clashes with the table name constant.
  • Fix: Ensure IDE plugin generates model classes immediately and regardless of whether .sq files were opened.
  • Fix: Support Windows paths in both the IDE and Gradle plugin.

[0.1.2] - 2016-02-13

  • Fix: Remove code which prevented the Gradle plugin from being used in most projects.
  • Fix: Add missing compiler dependency on the Antlr runtime.

[0.1.1] - 2016-02-12

  • Fix: Ensure the Gradle plugin points to the same version of the runtime as itself.

[0.1.0] - 2016-02-12

Initial release.