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Update 11/3/2017: OSX Wallet has been updated to work on new versions of OSX.

Please backup your wallet data before installing this new release!!

OpenSSL is required to run the wallet version. If you get errors about missing SSL libraries on Windows you can download and install them from:

If you run on a Windows machine without OpenGL 2.0 support like in a VM add the following environment variable:
QT_OPENGL_DLL = opengl32sw.dll

Changes include:

  • Coin reward reduced to 1 CSC on height 1575000
  • Added Twitter Feed
  • Added Coin value, Market capital and transaction count
  • Updated checkpoints
  • Added coin supply values
  • Added several fiat currencies
  • Updated protocol version to 80001 to kick in fork on block height 1575000

The casinocoind file is the linux cli binary. This is the 64-bit compiled version. On ubuntu\debian you probably need to install libdb5.3++ and GCC 5:

sudo apt-get install libdb5.3++-dev
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcc-5 g++-5

On other linux versions you can also follow https://github.com/casinocoin/casinocoin/wiki/Compile-Linux-CLI and adapt it to your own OS needs.