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girl 6 is , in a word , a mess .
i was never able to determine what spike lee was trying to accomplish with this film .
there was no sense of where the film was going , or any kind of coherent narrative .
if there was a point to the film , i missed it .
girl 6 , by the way , is the way theresa randle's character is addressed in the phone sex workplace ; all the girls are known by their numbers .
the plot , such as it is : theresa randle is a struggling n . y . actress , and eventually takes a job as a phone-sex operator .
she begins to lose contact with reality , as her job consumes her .
also , she must deal with the advances of her ex-husband ( isiah washington ) .
he is an ex- con thief , and she tries to keep him away , while at the same time , it's clear that she still harbors feelings for him .
her neighbor , jimmy ( spike lee ) functions as the observer ; mediating between the ex- husband and girl 6 .
he also functions as a point of stability , as he watches her become seduced by the lurid world of phone sex .
the soundtrack , consisting of songs by prince , was jarring .
it kept taking my attention from the film - not altogether a bad thing , i'll grant you , as what was transpiring onscreen wasn't that riveting .
for parts of the middle of the film , the music stayed blissfully in the background .
in the opening sequence and one scene later in the film , however , the music was particularly loud and distracting .
of course , i've never really cared for prince's ( or tafkap if you like ) music .
prince fans might love the soundtrack , but it will probably be distracting , even to die-hard fans .
of the performances , the only one that stood out was spike lee's buddy character , jimmy .
he was excellent as the always-broke neighbor of girl 6 .
he should have stuck to acting in this film .
there are several sequences that gave me the impression that he'd like to be oliver stone when he grows up .
there are scenes shot with different types of film , which are purposely grainy , and reminiscent of some of the scenes in oliver stone's natural born killers .
in that film , they worked to propel the narrative .
in this film , they just made me more confused .
there are some amusing moments , and a few insights into the lives of the women who use their voices to make the phone-sex industry the multi-billion dollar industry that it has become .
other than that , though , nothing much happens .
there are a few intense moments , as when one caller becomes frightening , but even that is rather lackluster .
i'm not the biggest fan of spike lee , though i'd agree that he has done some very good work in the past .
in girl 6 , though , he seems to be floundering .
he had an interesting idea , a fairly good setup , and seemed to wander aimlessly from there .
girl 6 earns a grade of d .