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everything in the phantom you have seen many times before and there is nothing new presented here .
wincer displays absolutely no skill in setting up an exciting action sequence .
billy zane is wooden as the hero .
kristy swanson is given very little to do , and does very little with it .
treat williams , looking like rhett butler but sounding like mickey mouse , is one of the worst villains i have ever seen in a movie .
only catherine zeta jones , as one of williams cohorts turns in a good performance .
she has energy and spunk , which the movie needed much more of .
oh yeah , the phantom also has a secret identity but this is so poorly played out you won't even care .
about the only things i can recommend are a good performance by jones , and some colorful scenery .
however , if youre looking for a fun family movie , go watch the underrated flipper .
this is not a good movie .