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PrettyTime is an OpenSource time formatting library. PrettyTime creates human readable, relative timestamps like those seen on Digg, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s simple, get started “right now!” and in over 25 languages!

This plugin allows you to display human readable, relative timestamps. It is based on PrettyTime OpenSource time formatting library.


compile ":pretty-time:3.0.2.Final-1.0.0"


  • Grails 2.0 or above
  • for Grails 1.x use version 0.3


<prettytime:display date="${someDate}" />


"right now", "2 days ago", or "3 months from now"

Internationalization (I18n)

Build in - uses prettytime library translations. TagLib included in this plugin respects current locale.

Tag attributes

Attribute Description
date The date object to format.
capitalize Capitalize the output text (default: false). Ex: "moments ago" will be capitalized to "Moments ago".
showTime Show the time (default: false). Ex: "2 days ago, 12:00:25 AM".
html5wrapper Wrap the output text (default: false). Ex: "moments ago" will be wrapped with "<time datetime="some date" title="some date">moments ago</time>".
format The format to use for the date (default: "hh:mm:ss a"). The default value is set by "" in I18n.
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