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endpoint = '';
% This may depend on the endpoint. If you run a test query, you'll see that the
% URL for the downloaded query results contains something like
% http://...&format=text%2F/tab-separated-values...
% Whatever you see specified is what needs to go below
format = 'text/tab-separated-values';
% query to retrieve per company the number of Employees and their netIncome
query = ['PREFIX dbprop: <>'...
'PREFIX template: <>'...
'PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <>'...
'PREFIX foaf: <>'...
'select * where {'...
' ?company dbprop:wikiPageUsesTemplate template:Infobox_company . '...
' ?company dbpedia-owl:numberOfEmployees ?numberOfEmployees . '...
' ?company dbpedia-owl:netIncome ?netIncome . '...
' ?company foaf:name ?name . '...
url_head = strcat(endpoint,'?query=');
url_query = urlencode(query);
url_tail = strcat('&format=', format);
url = strcat(url_head, url_query, url_tail);
% get the data from the endpoint
query_results = urlread(url);
% write the data to a file so that tdfread can parse it
fid = fopen('query_results.txt','w');
if fid>=0
fprintf(fid, '%s\n', query_results)
% this reads the tsv file into a struct
sparql_data = tdfread('query_results.txt')