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FLExTools is an application for running Python scripts against a Fieldworks database. All the UI and script management is provided. Simply create a small Python script (a Module) to do the processing work and then run it from FLExTools. Modules can be grouped into Collections so that a whole set of scripts can be run with one button click.

FLExTools operates on lexical or textual data to do such things as:

  • Consistency checks
  • Report on missing data or duplicate data
  • Create custom reports or export formats
  • Perform custom analysis
  • Update fields in ways that aren't convenient within FLEx

For an overview of what FLExTools can do, see the second half of this podcast by Ron Lockwood and Doug Higby. "If you like the power of Bulk Edit... this gives you more."


FLExTools version 1 supports Fieldworks 7 & 8

FLExTools version 2 is under development and supports Fieldworks 9.

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