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JRE-free multi-version HDFS client library

The hadoofus project is an HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) client library. It is implemented in C and supports RPC pipelining and out-of-order execution. It does not require Java.

It provides a C API for directly calling Namenode RPCs and performing Datanode block read and write operations, as well as a libhdfs-compatible interface in a seperate library (libhdfs_hadoofus.so).

It also includes a Python wrapper module, implemented in Cython. (Cython compiles to a C Python module.) For more information on that, see /wrappers/README.md.

Unlike libhdfs, Hadoofus speaks multiple versions of the HDFS protocol. At your option, you may speak with Hadoop 0.20.203 through 1.x.y (HDFS_NN_v1 / HDFS_DATANODE_AP_1_0), Hadoop 2.0.x (HDFS_NN_v2 / HDFS_DATANODE_AP_2_0), or Hadoop 2.2.x and higher (HDFS_NN_v2_2 / HDFS_DATANODE_AP_2_0).

Using libhadoofus

#include <hadoofus/highlevel.h>

int64_t res;
const char *err = NULL;
struct hdfs_namenode *h;
struct hdfs_object *exception = NULL;

h = hdfs_namenode_new("host.bar.com", "8020", "hdfs", &err);
if (!h)
        ... ;

res = hdfs_getProtocolVersion(h, HADOOFUS_CLIENT_PROTOCOL_STR, 61L, &exception);
if (exception) {
        // fprintf(, "...%s...", hdfs_exception_get_message(exception));
        ... ;

if (res != 61)
        ... ;



Some RPCs provided by the Hadoop ClientProtocol interface in v2.x of the protocol are not yet implemented (see Issue #29).

Note: Hadoop has been known to change semantics slightly between different versions of the software (especially before v2 was released). The v1 protocol has no spec; we do the best we can.

Some RPCs that exist in HDFSv1 do not exist in HDFSv2+ — e.g. getProtocolVersion does not exist in v2.

The Datanode API is somewhat fragile and v2 CRC32C support isn't there yet.

HDFS Semantics

HDFS attempts to be a restricted subset of a POSIX filesystem.

Files can only have one writer at a time and do not support random writes. They can be appended but not overwritten in place.

Generally, the Namenode acts as an RPC server for querying and manipulating file system metadata. It points clients at Datanode(s) to read/write file data.

For more information, see wikipedia's article on Hadoop or the HDFS Architecture Guide.

ABI Compatibility notes

We aim to preserve ABI compatibility OF THE HIGH-LEVEL C API in future versions of this library, with some caveats.

  1. Users MUST NOT access struct members directly (even though structs are in public headers).
  2. Users MUST allow for new types of exceptions and do something appropriate with surprising types (i.e., abort, treat it as IOError, etc).
  3. Additional HDFS methods may be added. They will follow the naming scheme used throughout this project; users should avoid using such names so that future changes will not cause symbol conflicts.




Found a bug? Please file it on github. Thanks!



Unless otherwise noted, files in this source distribution are released under the terms of the MIT license. (Some files which are not compiled into installed binaries or otherwise installed by this package's Makefiles come from the Apache Hadoop sources and have different licenses. These licenses are clearly specified at the beginning of the files.) For the full text of the MIT license, see the file LICENSE included with this source distribution.