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cmsplugin_gallery adds simple gallery plugin to your djangoCMS installation


  • Drag & Drop reordering of photos in the plugin admin
  • Unlimited, auto-discovered custom templates - you can change template of given gallery at anytime, use javascript galleries etc.

There is also a django-filer_ enabled version of this plugin maintained by Ales Zabala Alava under

Contributions and comments are welcome using Github at:

Please note that cmsplugin_gallery requires:

Follow individual installation instructions before installing cmsplugin_gallery.


`pip install cmsplugin_gallery`
Add `'cmsplugin_gallery'` to `INSTALLED_APPS` (if necessary)
Run Migrations


#. Supports Django version 1.8+ and latest Django CMS version.


The easiest approach is to use a nice feature of cmsplugin_gallery - the template autodiscovery. In order to take advantage of it, add your custom templates in the cmsplugin_gallery subdirectory of any of template dirs scanned by Django.

If you don't want to use the autodiscovery, you can hardcode available templates in using following setting:

    ('app/template.html', 'Template #1', ),
    ('app/other_template.html', 'Template #2', ),

Embed as a typical plugin.

Bugs & Contribution

Please use Github to report bugs, feature requests and submit your code:

author: Piotr Kilczuk
date: 2012/08/01

Current Maintainer:

maintainer: Vinit Kumar
date: 2016/08/23