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Helm Charts

Use this repository to submit official Charts for Kubernetes Helm. Charts are curated application definitions for Kubernetes Helm. For more information about installing and using Helm, see its To get a quick introduction to Charts see this chart document.

How do I install these charts?

Just helm install stable/<chart>. This is the default repository for Helm which is located at and is installed by default.

For more information on using Helm, refer to the Helm's documentation.

How do I enable the Incubator repository?

To add the Incubator charts for your local client, run helm repo add:

$ helm repo add incubator
"incubator" has been added to your repositories

You can then run helm search incubator to see the charts.

Chart Format

Take a look at the alpine example chart and the nginx example chart for reference when you're writing your first few charts.

Before contributing a Chart, become familiar with the format. Note that the project is still under active development and the format may still evolve a bit.

Repository Structure

This GitHub repository contains the source for the packaged and versioned charts released in the gs://kubernetes-charts Google Storage bucket (the Chart Repository).

The Charts in the stable/ directory in the master branch of this repository match the latest packaged Chart in the Chart Repository, though there may be previous versions of a Chart available in that Chart Repository.

The purpose of this repository is to provide a place for maintaining and contributing official Charts, with CI processes in place for managing the releasing of Charts into the Chart Repository.

The Charts in this repository are organized into two folders:

  • stable
  • incubator

Stable Charts meet the criteria in the technical requirements.

Incubator Charts are those that do not meet these criteria. Having the incubator folder allows charts to be shared and improved on until they are ready to be moved into the stable folder. The charts in the incubator/ directory can be found in the gs://kubernetes-charts-incubator Google Storage Bucket.

In order to get a Chart from incubator to stable, Chart maintainers should open a pull request that moves the chart folder.

Contributing a Chart

We'd love for you to contribute a Chart that provides a useful application or service for Kubernetes. Please read our Contribution Guide for more information on how you can contribute Charts.

Note: We use the same workflow, License and Contributor License Agreement as the main Kubernetes repository.

Review Process

The following outlines the review procedure used by the Chart repository maintainers. Github labels are used to indicate state change during the review process.

  • AWAITING REVIEW - Initial triage which indicates that the PR is ready for review by the maintainers team. The CLA must be signed and e2e tests must pass in-order to move to this state
  • CHANGES NEEDED - Review completed by at least one maintainer and changes needed by contributor (explicit even when using the review feature of Github)
  • CODE REVIEWED - The chart structure has been reviewed and found to be satisfactory given the technical requirements (may happen in parallel to UX REVIEWED)
  • UX REVIEWED - The chart installation UX has been reviewed and found to be satisfactory. (may happen in parallel to CODE REVIEWED)
  • LGTM - Added ONLY once both UX/CODE reviewed are both present. Merge must be handled by someone OTHER than the maintainer that added the LGTM label. This label indicates that given a quick pass of the comments this change is ready to merge

Stale Pull Requests

After initial review feedback, if no updates have been made to the pull request for 1 week, the stale label will be added. If after another week there are still no updates it will be closed. Please re-open if/when you have made the proper adjustments.

Status of the Project

This project is still under active development, so you might run into issues. If you do, please don't be shy about letting us know, or better yet, contribute a fix or feature.