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(ns clara.examples.truth-maintenance
(:require [clara.rules.accumulators :as acc]
[clara.rules :refer :all]))
(defrecord Temperature [temperature location])
(defrecord LocalTemperatureRecords [high low location])
(defrecord Cold [temperature])
(defrecord AlwaysOverZeroLocation [location])
(defrule insert-temperature-records
[?min-temp <- (acc/min :temperature) :from [Temperature (= ?loc location)]]
[?max-temp <- (acc/max :temperature) :from [Temperature (= ?loc location)]]
(insert! (map->LocalTemperatureRecords {:high ?max-temp :low ?min-temp :location ?loc})))
;; When a Temperature fact is inserted or retracted, the output of insert-temperature-records will
;; be adjusted to compensate, and the output of this rule will in turn be adjusted to compensate for the
;; change in the LocalTemperatureRecords facts in the session.
(defrule always-over-zero
[LocalTemperatureRecords (> low 0) (= ?loc location)]
(insert! (->AlwaysOverZeroLocation ?loc)))
(defrule insert-cold-temperature
[Temperature (= ?temperature temperature) (< temperature 30)]
(insert! (->Cold ?temperature)))
(defquery cold-facts
"Query for Cold facts"
[Cold (= ?temperature temperature)])
(defquery records-facts
"Query for LocalTemperatureRecord facts"
[LocalTemperatureRecords (= ?high high) (= ?low low) (= ?loc location)])
(defquery always-over-zero-facts
"Query for AlwaysOverZeroLocation facts"
[AlwaysOverZeroLocation (= ?loc location)])
(defn run-examples []
(let [initial-session (-> (mk-session 'clara.examples.truth-maintenance)
(insert (->Temperature -10 "MCI")
(->Temperature 110 "MCI")
(->Temperature 20 "LHR")
(->Temperature 90 "LHR"))
(println "Initial cold temperatures: "
(query initial-session cold-facts))
(println "Initial local temperature records: "
(query initial-session records-facts))
(println "Initial locations that have never been below 0: "
(query initial-session always-over-zero-facts))
(println "")
(println "Now add a temperature of -5 to LHR and a temperature of 115 to MCI")
(let [with-mods-session (-> initial-session
(insert (->Temperature -5 "LHR")
(->Temperature 115 "MCI"))
(println "New cold temperatures: "
(query with-mods-session cold-facts))
(println "New local temperature records: "
(query with-mods-session records-facts))
(println "New locations that have never been below 0: "
(query with-mods-session always-over-zero-facts))
(let [with-retracted-session (-> with-mods-session
(retract (->Temperature -5 "LHR"))
(println "")
(println "Now we retract the temperature of -5 at LHR")
(println "Cold temperatures with this retraction: "
(query with-retracted-session cold-facts))
(println "Local temperature records with this retraction: "
(query with-retracted-session records-facts))
(println "Locations that have never been below zero with this retraction: "
(query with-retracted-session always-over-zero-facts))))))