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AppDirect Tile Repo

This is a repo to generate an App Direct Service Broker Tile that can be imported into Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Mgr. The Tile would allow users to register a pre-provisioned AppDirect SAAS Service Broker with PCF and expose the set of services available on it in the Cloud Foundry Marketplace. The Tile essentially is comprised of two bosh jobs - one to register the appdirect service broker with PCF and the other to delete the broker.

Tile Generation

  • Ensure bosh gems and cli are installed in order to create a Bosh release.
  • Run script to fetch CF CLI binary and add it as a blob to the release. To upgrade the CF cli, edit/update the download link specified inside the script.
  • Create a release file using script.
  • Create a new image (only if necessary) for the tile by first creating an image and converting it to Base-64 encoding and use that in the image tag inside the tile file. Ensure the sizes are 128x128 pixel size for it to fit inside the tile image on the Ops Mgr.
  • Edit the stemcell references based on running on vSphere or AWS inside the tile file.
  name: bosh-vsphere-esxi-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent                           # UNCOMMENT for vSphere
  file: bosh-stemcell-2865.1-vsphere-esxi-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent.tgz       # UNCOMMENT for vSphere
  #name: light-bosh-aws-xen-hvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent                     # UNCOMMENT for AWS
  #file: light-bosh-stemcell-2865.1-aws-xen-hvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent.tgz # UNCOMMENT for AWS
  • Run to generate the AppsDirect Service Broker Tile (.pivotal file).

Tile Import into Ops Mgr

Important: Backup the Ops Mgr configuration before proceeding to next step.

  • Change the name of the Tile and versions as necessary. Note: The version bundled in this repo is for Ops Manager 1.3 and would be automatically upgraded to 1.4 if getting imported into PCF 1.4
  • Import the Tile into non-Production version of Ops Mgr.
  • Provide the three attributes required to register the AppDirect Marketplace
    • AppDirect Service Broker URL
    • AppDirect Access ID or username
    • AppDirect Secret Token or password
  • Apply the changes
  • Verify the Tile works before proceeding with to use it in Production
  • Note: It would require a login into Ops Mgr to remove the associated metadata and releases before re-importing the same version of Tile and release in Ops Mgr.

Tile Removal

  • Delete from Ops Mgr
  • Wait for Ops mgr to complete the removal
  • Login into Ops Mgr machine via ssh
  • Switch to root
  • Go to the /var/tempest/releases folder
  • Delete the previous release bits. This only deletes from the Ops mgr. BOSH might still be carrying a reference to the previous release bits.
  • Best to regenerate the release with newer/higher version and rebuild the tile if plannig on iterative development. Change the version number specified in
  • Go to the /var/tempest/workspace/default/metadata
  • Check for the associated appdirect tile metadata file (the name would be randomly generated during the earlier import). Delete the tile manfiest metadata file.


Repo for AppDirect Tile that would register AppDirect Service Broker with PCF and expose its services in the marketplace



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