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CFC Servers

Official Github org for the CFC Servers GMod community. A team of developers dedicated to providing quality open source content to the Garry's Mod community

👋 Welcome

CFC Servers is a Gaming Community focused around Garry's Mod.

We were founded by Developers who started their careers by playing Garry's Mod. Because Garry's Mod provided a place for us to learn and grow, we try our best to contribute back to the community.

In here, you'll find almost all of the projects we've ever created for Garry's Mod (or the services/appliances that run Garry's Mod).

Our Projects are GPL-3 Licensed, so you're free to use them however you'd like (within reason). If you do make improvements or changes, please consider sharing them back upstream for everyone to enjoy!

And please, don't hesitate to start an Issue or Discussion if you'd like to request a new feature or report a bug.

Some fun facts about CFC:

  • 💰 We don't accept any donations, and do not provide any in-game microtransactions
  • 👴 We've been hosting GMod servers under the CFC name since 2014, but our Leaders have hosted servers since 2010
  • 🧐 Our Development team is led by experienced software engineers from a variety of professional disciplines

🧰 Some things we're working on improving:

  • 📝 Documentation / Instructions for many of our smaller projects
  • 🔧 Configuring and de-coupling our projects so they're easier for you to use

🗨️ Want to chat? Have questions?

Join our Discord or chat directly with the Owner



  1. GLuaTest Public

    GLuaTest - an exciting and nimble unit testing framework for GLua projects

    Lua 36 2

  2. GLua Style guidelines to keep your code clean and cool 😎


  3. raft_v_raft Public

    A Garry's Mod gamemode made for the GGC 2020 competition!

    Lua 8

  4. gm_logger Public

    A feature-rich and delightfully simple logging library for Garry's Mod

    MoonScript 3

  5. cfc_time Public

    A drop-in replacement for UTime with multiple storage options, greater customization, and an emphasis on quality + performance.

    Lua 3 2

  6. gm_express Public

    An unlimited, out-of-band, bi-directional networking library for Garry's Mod

    Lua 33 1


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