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Update Route method from GET to POST
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changeweb committed Aug 13, 2021
1 parent f796452 commit c81ba7e
Showing 1 changed file with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
8 changes: 4 additions & 4 deletions routes/web.php
Expand Up @@ -100,11 +100,11 @@
Route::get('routine', 'RoutineController@index');
Route::get('routine/{section_id}', 'RoutineController@create');
Route::prefix('remove')->name('remove.')->group(function () {
Route::get('syllabus', 'SyllabusController@update');
Route::get('notice', 'NoticeController@update');
Route::post('syllabus', 'SyllabusController@update');
Route::post('notice', 'NoticeController@update');
Route::post('event', 'EventController@update');
Route::get('certificate', 'CertificateController@update');
Route::get('routine', 'RoutineController@update');
Route::post('certificate', 'CertificateController@update');
Route::post('routine', 'RoutineController@update');

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