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Not linking due to undefined reference to gpfs_fcntl #15

mrobbert opened this Issue · 1 comment

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ior isn't building on my system due to some missing GPFS symbols. Here are the errors:

mpicc -g -O2 -o ior ior.o utilities.o parse_options.o aiori-POSIX.o aiori-MPIIO.o -lm
aiori-POSIX.o: In function gpfs_access_end':
/u/mx/co/mrobbert/ior/src/aiori-POSIX.c:165: undefined reference to
aiori-POSIX.o: In function gpfs_access_start':
/u/mx/co/mrobbert/ior/src/aiori-POSIX.c:141: undefined reference to
aiori-POSIX.o: In function gpfs_free_all_locks':
/u/mx/co/mrobbert/ior/src/aiori-POSIX.c:118: undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I was able to get it to link properly by adding -lgpfs to the link lines. I can try to work up a patch, but it looks like this would need to be changed in the Autoconf files and I don't have much experience with those.


OK, thanks. So your configure script is finding gpfs_fcntl.h? On Blue Gene, the gpfs.h and gpfs_fcntl.h headers were in non-default locations, so I assumed folks would be changing CPPFLAGS, LIBS, and LDFLAGS, as they have to do for HDF5.

Here's a simple change to the configure script, but it still needs one to set LDFLAGS if the gpfs libraries are installed anywhere odd (as they are on Blue Gene):


@roblatham00 roblatham00 referenced this issue from a commit in roblatham00/ior
@roblatham00 roblatham00 Add gpfs libraries if needed
Last commit introduced gpfs_fcntl operations, depending if gpfs.h and
gpfs_fcntl.h were found.  These routines need the gpfs library.  This
configure check will bring in libgpfs -- you will still need to set
LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS if gpfs is installed in some non-default locaiton
(as it is on Blue Gene).
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