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Chef Utils gem

Umbrella Project: Chef Infra

Project State: Active

Issues Response Time Maximum: 14 days

Pull Request Response Time Maximum: 14 days

Getting Started

Chef Utils gem is common code and mixins for the core Chef Infra Ruby gems. This should be are "core library" or "foundations" library for the chef ecosystem (and external related gems) which allows the use of core code and utility functions of the chef gem without requiring all the heaviness of the chef gem.

Platform Family Helpers

The Platform Family helpers provide an alternative to comparing values from node['platform_family'] or using the platform_family?() helper method. They allow you to write simpler logic that checks for specific platform family. Additionally we've provided several super families listed below, which bundle together common platform families into a single helper.

  • aix?
  • amazon?
  • arch? - includes arch, manjaro, and antergos platforms
  • debian? - includes debian, ubuntu, linuxmint, raspbian, and duvian platforms
  • dragonflybsd?
  • fedora? - includes arista_eos, fedora, and pidora platforms
  • freebsd?
  • gentoo?
  • macos?
  • netbsd?
  • openbsd?
  • rhel? - includes redhat, centos, scientific, oracle, and clearos platforms
  • rhel6? - includes redhat6, centos6, scientifc6, oracle6, and clearos6 platforms
  • rhel7? - includes redhat7, centos7, scientifc7, oracle7, and clearos7 platforms
  • rhel8? - includes redhat8, centos8, scientifc8, oracle8, and clearos8 platforms
  • smartos?
  • solaris2?
  • suse? - includes suse and opensuseleap platforms
  • windows? - NOTE: in a class context when called without a node object ( this is not stubbable by ChefSpec, but when called with a node as the first argument or when called from the DSL it is stubabble by chefspec
  • windows_ruby? - this is always true if the ruby VM is running on a windows host and is not stubbed by ChefSpec

Super Families:

  • fedora_based? - anything of fedora lineage (fedora, fedhat, centos, amazon, pidora, etc)
  • rpm_based?- all fedora_based systems plus suse and any future linux distros based on RPM (excluding AIX)
  • solaris_based?- all solaris-derived systems (opensolaris, nexentacore, omnios, smartos, etc)
  • bsd_based?- all bsd-derived systems (freebsd, netbsd, openbsd, dragonflybsd).

Platform Helpers

The Platform helpers provide an alternative to comparing values from node['platform'] or using the platform?() helper method. In general we'd highly suggest writing code using the Platform Family helpers, but these helpers can be used when it's necessary to target specific platforms.

  • aix_platform?
  • amazon_platform?
  • arch_platform?
  • centos_platform?
  • clearos_platform?
  • debian_platform?
  • dragonfly_platform?
  • fedora_platform?
  • freebsd_platform?
  • gentoo_platform?
  • leap_platform?
  • linuxmint_platform?
  • macos_platform?
  • netbsd_platform?
  • nexentacore_platform?
  • omnios_platform?
  • openbsd_platform?
  • openindiana_platform?
  • opensolaris_platform?
  • opensuse_platform?
  • oracle_platform?
  • raspbian_platform?
  • redhat_platform?
  • scientific_platform?
  • slackware_platform?
  • smartos_platform?
  • solaris2_platform?
  • suse_platform?
  • ubuntu_platform?
  • windows_platform?

For compatibility with old chef-sugar code the following aliases work for backwards compatibility, but will be DEPRECATED in the future.

  • centos?
  • clearos?
  • linuxmint?
  • nexentacore?
  • omnios?
  • openindiana?
  • opensolaris?
  • opensuse?
  • oracle?
  • raspbian?
  • redhat?
  • scientific?
  • ubuntu?

OS Helpers

The OS helpers provide an alternative to comparing data from node['os'].

  • linux? - Any Linux distribution
  • darwin? - Darwin or macOS platforms

Architecture Helpers

Architecture Helpers allow you to determine the processor architecture of your node.

  • _64_bit?
  • _32_bit?
  • i386?
  • intel?
  • sparc?
  • ppc64?
  • ppc64le?
  • powerpc?
  • armhf?
  • s390x?
  • s390?

Train Helpers

EXPERIMENTAL: APIs may have breaking changes any time without warning

  • file_exist?
  • file_open

Introspection Helpers

  • docker? - if the node is running inside of docker
  • systemd? - if the init system is systemd
  • kitchen? - if ENV['TEST_KITCHEN'] is set
  • ci? - if ENV['CI'] is set

Service Helpers

  • debianrcd? - if the update-rc.d binary is present

  • invokercd? - if the invoke-rc.d binary is present

  • upstart? - if the initctl binary is present

  • insserv? - if the insserv binary is present

  • redhatrcd? - if the chkconfig binary is present

  • service_script_exist?(type, service)

Which/Where Helpers

  • which
  • where

Path Sanity Helpers

  • sanitized_path

Documentation for Software Developers

The design of the DSL helper libraries in this gem are designed around the Chef Infra Client use cases. Most of the helpers are accessible through the Chef DSL directly via the ChefUtils::DSL module. They are also available via class method calls on the ChefUtils module directly (e.g. ChefUtils.debian?). For that to be possible there is Chef Infra Client specific wiring in the ChefUtils::Internal class allowing the helpers to access the Chef.run_context global values. This allows them to be used from library helpers in cookbooks inside Chef Infra Client.

For external use in other gems, this automatic wiring will not work correctly, and so it will not generally be possible to call helpers off of the ChefUtils class (somee exceptions that do not require a node-like object or a train connection will may still work). For use in other gems you should create your own module and mixin the helper class. If you have a node method in your class/module then that method will be used.

You can wire up a module which implements the Chef DSL with your own wiring using this template:

module MyDSL
  include ChefUtils::DSL # or any individual module with DSL methods in it


  def __getnode
    # return something Mash-like with node semantics with a node["platform"], etc.

  def __transport_connection
    # return a Train::Transport connection

  extend self # if your wiring is to global state to make `MyDSL.helper?` work.

Those methods are marked API private for the purposes of end-users, but are public APIs for the purposes of software development.

Getting Involved

We'd love to have your help developing Chef Infra. See our Contributing Document for more information on getting started.

License and Copyright

Copyright 2008-2019, Chef Software, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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