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Cherokee's SCGI Python implementation
I have written this package because the original SCGI python module
(written by Neil Schemenauer) didn't fit for my needs. The problem is
that it depends on a C source file that needs to be compiled in order
to make the module work, and even if Python provides tools for the
task, it still makes the distribution a bit more difficult under some
This implementation of the SCGI protocol has been completely written
in Python to easy as much as possible the deploy for SCGI based apps.
This module is BSD licensed. Read the LICENSE file or the notice at
the beginning of the source code files for more information.
There are a few tests programs for checking the module. Each one of
them test an specific feature of the module.
This module is suitable for all the web servers that support SCGI:
Cherokee, Apache or any one else.
However, here is an configuration example for Cherokee 0.6 (actually,
this is what I've used to test it out):
vserver!default!directory!/!handler = scgi
vserver!default!directory!/!handler!balancer = round_robin
vserver!default!directory!/!handler!balancer!type = interpreter
vserver!default!directory!/!handler!balancer!local1!host = localhost:4000
vserver!default!directory!/!priority = 99999
Just write that on a file, lets suppose /var/tmp/test_scgi.conf, and
execute Cherokee with the -C parameter to point to the configuration
# cherokee -C /var/tmp/test_scgi.conf
Then, launch one of the test programs provided with this package. It
will start a new SCGI server instance that will be used to execute the
web server requests. Finally, go to your browser and try to browser
and type http://localhost.
Alvaro Lopez Ortega
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