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ruby: send('method', arg)
io: perform("slot", arg)
ruby: respond_to? 'method'
io: hasSlot("slot")
ruby: object.something if object.respond_to? :something
io: object ?something
ruby: methods
io: slotNames
ruby: method_missing
io: forward
ruby: inspect
io: slotSummary
ruby: puts method(:blah).to_ruby
io: getSlot("blah") code print
ruby: extend Module
io: appendProto(Module clone)
ruby: require 'file'
io: doFile('')
ruby: { |dude| }
io: dudes map(dude, dude name)
io: dudes map(name)
ruby: longest = { |task| }.max
io: longest := tasks map(name size) max
ruby: dudes.each { |dude| puts " #{}" }
io: dudes foreach(dude, writeln(" ", dude name))
ruby: dudes.each_with_index { |dude,i| puts " #{}" }
io: dudes foreach(i, dude, writeln(" ", dude name))
ruby: { |dude| dude.age < 32 }
io: dudes select(dude, dude age < 32)
ruby: { |dude| dude.age < 32 }
io: dudes select(age < 32)
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