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Chi Hack Night website

Website for Chi Hack Night.

Chi Hack Night is Chicago's weekly event to build, share & learn about civic tech.

Hosted by Netlify.


  • Jekyll - Static site generator built in Ruby
  • Bootstrap 3 - HTML and CSS layouts
  • DataTables - for searching and sorting tables
  • Mustache - templating library for javascript (used on projects page)
  • jQuery Address - for deep linking URLs on the projects page

Running locally


  • ruby-2.6.2
  • jekyll 3.6.3

We recommend using rvm to manage your Ruby versions.

Initial setup

git clone
rvm install ruby-2.6.2
bundle install

Running locally

jekyll serve -w

Then open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:4000

Run in a Docker container

If you have Docker installed, can avoid some of the hassle of installing Jekyll and/or Ruby by pulling from the offical Jekyll image, installing dependancies, and serving locally.

This is especially handy if you're on Windows machine:

docker run --rm --label=jekyll --volume=%CD%:/srv/jekyll  -it -p 4000:4000 jekyll/jekyll set JEKYLL_VERSION=3.6.3 | bundle install | jekyll serve


Deployments are handled by Netlify by pushing to the production branch.

Whenver a branch is merged into production, or a commit is pushed to production it will trigger a Netlify deploy.


The Chi Hack Night web team manages bugs, new features and site development through the GitHub project board.

To ensure high code quality, we practice using pull requests and having at least one member of the web team review them before merging in to production.


Cancelled presenters If a presenter cancel after we have sent out our email blast, we add CANCELLED PRESENTATION to the event title and update the description of the event noting that it will be an open hack event. Example:

Projects and People

The projects and people pages are powered by Github and civic-json-worker, a script we run every 5 minutes that fetches data from the Github API.

The JSON files are backed up every hour in the civic-json-files repository.


🌟 Website for the Chi Hack Night.



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