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Chime is an editor for macOS

We like modular, open source components.

If you are looking for some help using our stuff, you can join us on Discord. But, just keep in mind that we prioitize sponors and we try to write documentation to answer questions.


  1. Chime Chime Public

    An editor for macOS

    Swift 236 12

  2. ChimeKit ChimeKit Public

    Framework for building Chime extensions

    Swift 45 3

  3. Neon Neon Public

    A Swift library for efficient, flexible content-based text styling

    Swift 279 15

  4. SwiftTreeSitter SwiftTreeSitter Public

    Swift API for the tree-sitter incremental parsing system

    Swift 213 22

  5. LanguageClient LanguageClient Public

    Language Server Protocol (LSP) client for Swift

    Swift 87 10

  6. OAuthenticator OAuthenticator Public

    OAuth 2.0 request authentication

    Swift 38 4


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