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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use FindBin qw($Bin);
use Getopt::Long;
use List::Util qw(min);
use Cwd qw(abs_path);
=head1 Name
Date: June 23th, 2013
=head1 Description
This program calculates Average Nucleotide Identity (ANI) based on genomes of a pair of prokaryotes.
=head1 Usage
perl --fd formatdb --bl blastall --qr one strain genome --sb the other strain genome --od output directory --help (optional)
Arguments explained
bl: Directory of blastall excecutable file
fd: Directory of BLAST formatdb excecutable file
qr: Query strain genome sequence in FASTA format
sb: Subject strain genome sequence in FASTA format
od: output directory
help: print this help information
=head1 Example
perl -bl ./blast-2.2.23/bin/blastall -fd ./blast-2.2.23/bin/formatdb -qr strain1.fa -sb strain2.fa -od result
my ($qr,$sb,$od,$fd,$bl,$hl);
"qr=s" => \$qr,
"sb=s" => \$sb,
"od=s" => \$od,
"fd=s" => \$fd,
"bl=s" => \$bl,
"help" => \$hl
die `pod2text $0` unless $qr && $sb && $od && $bl && $fd;
die `pod2text $0` if $hl;
unless(-d $od){`mkdir $od`;}
#Split query genome and write segments in $od/Query.split
my $chop_len = 1020;
$/ = "\n>";
open QR,$qr or die "$qr $!\n";
open CR,">$od/Query.split";
my ($scaf,$seq) = split /\n/,$_,2;
my $scaf_name = (split /\s+/,$scaf)[0];
$seq =~ s/\s+//g;
my @cut = ($seq =~ /(.{1,$chop_len})/g);
for my $cut_num (0..$#cut){
next if length($cut[$cut_num]) < 100;
my $sgmID = "$scaf_name\_$cut_num";
print CR ">$sgmID\n$cut[$cut_num]\n";
close QR;close CR;
$/ = "\n";
#BLAST alingment
`ln -sf $sb $od/Subject.fa`;
`$fd -i $od/Subject.fa -p F`;
`$bl -i $od/Query.split -d $od/Subject.fa -X 150 -q -1 -F F -e 1e-15 -m 8 -a 2 -o $od/raw.blast -p blastn`;
#Set Identity and Alignment Percentage cut off following paper of JSpecies
my $id_cut = 30;
my $cvg_cut = 70;
my ($ANI,%qr_best,$sumID,$count);
open BL,"$od/raw.blast" or die "raw.blast $!\n";
my @t = split;
next if $t[3] < 100;
next if exists $qr_best{$t[0]}; $qr_best{$t[0]} = 1; #only use best hit for every query segments
next if $t[2]<=$id_cut;
next if ($t[3]*100/1020) < $cvg_cut;
$sumID += $t[2];
close BL;
$ANI = $sumID/$count;
print "$qr VS $sb\n ANI: $ANI\n";