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Here's the things this project needs in order to make it decent:

Core Architecture

Tree Awareness

The command line tool currently only operates on individual files, it should be able to accept a directory and recurse. It would assume the directory provided is the top level for an import directive.


The tool should be able to build a manifest of files, constants, and mixins for use in creating a table of contents.

Output Formats

Implement a visitor pattern that can visit a manifest, file, mixin, or constant and emit the correct output for it that matches a particular output format. This can be used for generating html, plain text, pdf, or whatever.

Templates and Layouts

For at least the html generator, a user should be able to specify templates for the given type and a layout for files to add headers, footer, etc. It would be awesome if these were be written in haml, the stylesheets in Sass (using compass of course!) and then compiled into html and css.

Documentation Queries

There should be a mode of operation where a user can request plain text documentation on the command line for a particular code artifact. It might look something like this:

$ sassdoc --compass -q +alternating-rows-and-columns path/to/project/sass/files
Mixin: +alternating-rows-and-columns(even_row_color, odd_row_color, dark_intersection[, header_color, footer_color])
Sets background colors for a table so that rows and columns alternate and are shaded

Parameter: even_row_color
  The color of even rows. Even rows must have the .even class on them
Parameter: odd_row_color
  The color of odd rows. Odd rows must have the .odd class on them.
Parameter: dark_intersection
  This color will be subracted from the row color for even columns.
Parameter: header_color (default value: white)
  The color of the header.
Parameter: footer_color (default value: white)
  The color of the footer.

Implementation of Core Architecture

It's possible that much of this can be built on top of rdoc or some other code documentation tool by implementing a parser plugin. I'm open to that possibility but I think it's a long shot.

Implementation Details


The CLI needs to be made more robust:

  • It should accept import paths like the sass CLI does.
  • Trap and report sass parser errors nicely.

Frames Suck

Every code documentation tool uses framesets for it's output. This shouldn't be one of them. Frames blow because they make landing from a search engine a horrible experience. I like the reference documentation used by Prototype. I think we should shamelessly steal from them.

Real world examples

We need some real projects to write documentation using SassDoc syntax and let us know what works, what doesn't, and what's missing.


Fork the main project and check in a change to the TODO file that indicates what you are working on.