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Simple proxy checking script

This script was used while reachsearching for this blog entry

I do not provide a proxy list you have to create it yourself. Just name it proxylist_http.txt for your HTTP proxies or proxylist_socks.txt for SOCKS proxies.

Every line must be one ip:port combination like:

How to run

You need to install the curl extension for php. On Debian a simple sudo apt-get install php5-cli php5-curl should do it

Then just run php proxycheck.php and it will start to test your proxies.

What does it scan proxies for?

  • Is HTTPS allowed?
  • Is JS modified?
  • Are static websites modified?
  • Will it hide my IP?

What else does it do

It will create a folder with a random session name and save a copy of all modified data there. So if a .js file is modified it will save it with the name of the proxy so you can analyze it further.

Output looks like this

Sample output