An advanced battlescript built in PHP that will allow an attacker to wage war against a defender.
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This project is currently in active, early, development. As such features are likely to change frequently with little or no warning. Feel free to download and try the system, please file bug reports or submit your bug fixes to the repo and I'll merge them in if they are fully working.

The project is under the following idea: Country -> Planet -> Galaxy -> Universe

You are a country. You have your fellow planetary companions who you will work as a team with. You are within a turbulent galaxy where planets attack other planets for galaxy supremecy. There are multiple galaxies, each galaxy is their own game (e.g., a planet in the Milky Way couldn't attack a planet in the Andromeda galaxy).


This project aims to create the barebones for any MMOG, complete with (but not limited):

  • Registration
  • Login system
  • Alliance system/tools
  • Planet communication (complete with elections for certain roles)
  • News
  • Research & Development
  • Technology advancements
  • Espinonage
  • Ship production
  • Resource handling
  • Docks for your fleets (ships)
  • Planet incoming/outgoing fleets
  • You can attack and defend countries
  • Alerts (via email/SMS) for R&D/Tech completion, Incoming announcements, etc
  • Trade system
  • In game mail
  • Administration tools


  • Copy files to your document root
  • Config file is located in /libs/config.php
  • SQL file for basic usage located in /database.sql
  • Bon voyage!