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# void swtch(struct context *old, struct context *new);
# Save current register context in old
# and then load register context from new.
.globl swtch
# Save old registers
movl 4(%esp), %eax
popl 0(%eax) # %eip
movl %esp, 4(%eax)
movl %ebx, 8(%eax)
movl %ecx, 12(%eax)
movl %edx, 16(%eax)
movl %esi, 20(%eax)
movl %edi, 24(%eax)
movl %ebp, 28(%eax)
# Load new registers
movl 4(%esp), %eax # not 8(%esp) - popped return address above
movl 28(%eax), %ebp
movl 24(%eax), %edi
movl 20(%eax), %esi
movl 16(%eax), %edx
movl 12(%eax), %ecx
movl 8(%eax), %ebx
movl 4(%eax), %esp
pushl 0(%eax) # %eip