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Hardware Requirements

Resource Minimum
Memory (RAM) 1 GiB
Disk Space 1 GiB per 100 users*
Shell Access Root

*The user database is usually quite small, but documents and photos can take up a lot of disk space, so plan accordingly.

Unfortunately, OneBody cannot be installed on "shared hosting" due to the very specific software requirements. You'll need a dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) to get everything running. We recommend DigitalOcean, Amazon EC2, or your own in-house hardware.


We have many different ways to install OneBody, based on your expertise/needs. Choose your own path:

Method Difficulty Time Needed Advantage
DigitalOcean Installer Easy ~ 10mins Just two clicks
Deb Package Moderate ~ 15mins Use your own Ubuntu or Debian server
Amazon EC2 (AMI) Moderate ~ 15mins Leverage Amazon's infrastructure
OVF (VirtualBox/VMWare) Moderate ~ 15mins* Use your existing virtualization infrastructure
Manual Advanced ~ 1hr Full control over your machine
Capistrano Advanced ~ 30mins Automate your deployment and future upgrades

*Plus the time it takes to download a 1 GiB file.

If you're not sure which way to go, or if you have any trouble, join the Slack chat or post to the Google Group and ask for help!

Next Steps

How to Upgrade

Based on how you chose to install OneBody, there is a different method for how you should go about upgrading your installation.

Installation Method How to Upgrade
Debian/Ubuntu Package apt-get update && apt-get install onebody and follow on-screen instructions (if any)
DigitalOcean installer / Amazon EC2 AMI / Virtual Appliance (OVF) if dpkg -s onebody | grep Status says it's installed, then just run: apt-get update && apt-get install onebody
otherwise: instructions for manually upgrading
Manual install instructions for manually upgrading
Capistrano cap deploy :-)

Alternatively, if you'd rather install OneBody from a fresh download (using any of the techniques at the top of this page), you can then Upgrade by Copying Data from your old install to the new one.

If you installed using the DigitalOcean installer prior to March 21, 2016, you may wish to convert your install to use the Debian/Ubuntu package, which will make future upgrades much easier.