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Who is using Cilium?

Sharing experiences and learning from other users is essential. We are frequently asked who is using a particular feature of Cilium to get in contact with other users to share experiences and best-practices. While the Cilium Slack community allows users to get in touch, it can be challenging to find users of a particular feature quickly.

The following is a directory of users to help identify users of individual features. The users themselves directly maintain the list.

Adding yourself as a user

If you are using Cilium, please consider adding yourself as a user with a quick description of your use case by opening a pull request to this file and adding a section describing your usage of Cilium. If you are open to others contacting you about your use of Cilium on Slack, add your Slack nick as well.

N: Name of user (company or individual)
D: Description
U: Usage of features
L: Link with further information (optional)
Q: Contacts available for questions (optional)

Example entry:

* N: Cilium Example User Inc.
  D: Cilium Example User Inc. is using Cilium for scientific purposes
  U: ENI networking, DNS policies, ClusterMesh
  Q: @slacknick1, @slacknick2

Requirements to be listed

  • You must represent the user listed. Do NOT add entries on behalf of other users.
  • There is no minimum deployment size but we request to list permanent deployments only, i.e., no demo or trial deployments. Commercial or production use is not required. A well-done home lab setup can be equally interesting as a large-scale commercial deployment.

Users (Alphabetically)

* N: Acoss
  D: Acoss is using cilium as their main CNI plugin (self hosted k8s, On-premises)
  U: CiliumNetworkPolicy, Hubble, BPF NodePort, Direct routing
  L: @JrCs

* N: Adobe, Inc.
  D: Adobe's Project Ethos uses Cilium for multi-tenant, multi-cloud clusters
  U: L3/L4/L7 policies

* N: CENGN - Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks
  D: CENGN is using Cilium in multiple clusters including production and development clusters (self-hosted k8s, On-premises)
  U: L3/L4/L7 network policies, Monitoring via Prometheus metrics & Hubble
  Q: @rmaika @mohahmed13

* N: Datadog
  D: Datadog is using Cilium in AWS (self-hosted k8s)
  U: ENI Networking, Service load-balancing, Encryption
  Q: @lbernail, @roboll

* N: GitLab
  D: GitLab is using Cilium to implement network policies inside Auto DevOps deployed clusters for customers using k8s
  U: Network policies
  Q: @ap4y @whaber
* N: Palantir Technologies Inc.
  D: Palantir is using Cilium as their main CNI plugin in AWS (self hosted k8s).
  U: ENI networking, L3/L4 policies, FQDN based policy, FQDN filtering
  Q: ungureanuvladvictor
* N: Radio France
  D: Radio France is using Cilium in their production clusters (self-hosted k8s with kops on AWS)
  U: Mainly Service load-balancing
  Q: @francoisj

* N: Rapyuta Robotics.
  D: Rapyuta is using cilium as their main CNI plugin. (self hosted k8s)
  U: CiliumNetworkPolicy, Hubble, Service Load Balancing.
  Q: @Gowtham

* N: Sphere Knowledge
  D: Sphere Knowledge is using Cilium in AWS (self-hosted k8s & EKS)
  U: ENI Networking, Network policies, Service load-balancing, Hubble
  Q: @mvisonneau

* N: Sportradar
  D: Sportradar is using Cilium as their main CNI plugin in AWS (using kops)
  U: L3/L4 policies, Hubble, BPF NodePort, CiliumClusterwideNetworkPolicy
  Q: @Eric Bailey, @Ole Markus

* N: uSwitch
  D: uSwitch is using Cilium in AWS for all their production clusters (self hosted k8s)
  U: ClusterMesh, CNI-Chaining (with amazon-vpc-cni-k8s)
  Q: @jirving

* N:
  D: is using Cilium in their production clusters (self-hosted k8s, On-premises and AWS)
  U: ENI Networking, Service load-balancing, Direct routing (via Bird)
  Q: @ArthurChiao

* N: Wildlife Studios
  D: Wildlife Studios is using Cilium in AWS for all their game production clusters (self hosted k8s)
  U: ClusterMesh, Global Service Load Balancing.
  Q: @Oki @luanguimaraesla
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