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Contributing to Citrus Logo

🎉🍋🎉 First off all, thanks for taking the time to contribute! 🎉🍋🎉

This document contains a set of guidelines for contributing to the Citrus framework ecosystem. The intention of these guidelines is to make it easier to work together. Nevertheless these guidelines are just suggestions and not set in stone. Use them to the best of your knowledge and feel free to propose changes in a pull request.

Credit: This Contribution guidelines are based on the Atom contribution guidelines

Note: In order to have your contributions included in the official Citrus code repository you have to agree to release your changes under the same licensing agreement that Citrus uses at that time. Please also note that the Citrus team might change the licensing of Citrus some time in future.

Table Of Contents

I just have a question

Before you open an issue concerning your question, please make sure that none of the following steps already lead to an answer.

If your question is still unanswered, please use our question template to create a new question on github or ask a new question on stackoverflow tagged with citrus-framework.

How can I contribute?

Reporting bugs

This section guides you through submitting a bug report for Citrus. Following these guidelines helps maintainers and the community understand your report 📝, reproduce the behavior 💻 💻, and find related reports 🔎.

Before creating bug reports, please check this list as you might find out that you don't need to create one. When you are creating a bug report, please fill out the required template and ensure, that the definition of ready is fulfilled. The information it asks for helps us resolve issues faster. Please ensure that the bug is reproducible with the latest version of Citrus.

Note: If you find a Closed issue that seems like it is the same thing that you're experiencing, open a new issue and include a link to the original issue in the body of your new one.

Before submitting a bug report

  • Please check the latest Citrus documentation concerning the feature you are using, to ensure that Citrus does not work as designed.
  • Search for issues to see if the problem has already been reported. If it has and the issue is still open, add a comment to the existing issue instead of opening a new one.

Suggesting changes

This section guides you through submitting enhancement suggestions, feature requests or maintenance tasks for Citrus. Following these guidelines helps maintainers and the community understand your suggestion 📝 and find related suggestions 🔎. We distinguish between different different types of changes: Maintenance, Enhancements, Features and Bugs. This section only concerns the first three of these. If you want to learn about how to report bugs, this might help you.

Before creating a suggestion, please check Check if there's already an issue addressing your suggestion. When you are creating an enhancement/feature suggestion, please fill in the template and ensure, that the definition of ready is fulfilled.


Please feel free to begin with any issue you would like to work on. It might be helpful to get some orientation by having a look at our types of changes and the estimated requirements linked to them.

Important Note: If you'd like to contribute a bug fix, please ensure to branch from v2.7-bugfix instead of master.

We also highly appreciate contributions to milestones and we love to work closely with the community. So if you'd like to work on an issue that is scheduled for a release, please make sure to stay in close contact with the maintainers and make sure that it's possible for you to propose a pull request before the planned release date of the milestone, if specified.

Unsure where to begin contributing to Citrus?

You can start by looking for issues labeled with good first issue which should only require a few lines of code, and a test or two.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are required for every contribution to Citrus including contributions from maintainers and administrators. Before you propose a pull request, please ensure, that the definition of done is fulfilled. Please ensure that every pull request is linked to an issue. If you open a pull request without an existing issue, please open an issue as well, to point out the requirements for the change. That helps us to separate the functional discussion (issue) from the technical discussion (pull-request).

This helps us to reach several goals:

  • Maintain the high quality standards of Citrus
  • Make changes transparent to the community
  • Discuss changes to ensure that the best possible solution will make it into the next release
  • Enable a sustainable system for Citrus maintainers to review contributions

Important Note: If you'd like to propose a pull request for a bug fix, please ensure that your base branch is v2.7-bugfix instead of master and that the target branch for the pull request is v2.7-bugfix as well .

The pull request workflow is as follows:

  • Every pull request will be built via Travis CI. It's mandatory that the build of the pull request is successful before the review begins.
  • A maintainer will review your changes and provide feedback to you.
  • If the pull request is project internal, it is required that the quality gate is fulfilled.

Review criteria

The review of proposed code will focus on some important criteria for this project.

  • The code should follow common style and design principles as well as our sonarcloud rule set
  • The code should have a suitable test coverage
  • The changes should be documented

Types of changes

We distinguish between different types of changes which indicate different level of complexity, scope and required knowledge about the Citrus framework.

  • Maintenance
    Tasks required to keep the framework up to date. E.g. updating dependencies. Tasks may vary in size from smaller to larger changes. Most of the tasks just require a little knowledge about the framework as the correctness of the change is verified by automated unit and integration tests.
  • Enhancements
    Smaller or medium size improvements of the functionality of Citrus. Those tasks are completable in a limited amount of time with a little or average knowledge about the Citrus internals.
  • Features
    Medium or large additions to the framework. E.g. the integration of a new technology. Those changes require a medium or large amount of time and a deep knowledge of the framework.
  • Bug
    Parts of the framework that don't work as specified in the Citrus documentation. Scope and required knowledge are dependent of the reported bug.

Definition of ready

The definition of ready (DOR) specifies the entry-criteria for an issue that is currently in in the backlog to be moved to the ready state so that it's possible to work on it. If you open a new issue, it would be great if you could ensure that the following criteria are met. This helps us to understand your issue and allows to start developing right away without any further research/reconstruction efforts.

  • The corresponding issue template for bugs or features has been filled out completely
  • Bigger changes have been transformed to epics and were broken down into smaller issues
  • The context of the issue is understood by at least one maintainer
    • Therefore it's important to provide as much context as possible
  • Acceptance criteria are given
    • In case of a bug: There is a test to pass
    • In case of a feature/enhancement: There is at least one acceptance criteria derived from the user story

Definition of done

The definition of done (DOD) specifies the exit-criteria for an issue that is currently in progress to be passed for review. If you're working on an issue which you would like to pass for review, it would be great, if you could ensure that all of the following criteria are met. This helps us to review your changes as effective as possible.

  • All requirements of the linked issue have been fulfilled
  • Automated tests for the acceptance criteria have been created and passed
  • Automated unit and integration tests have been created and passed
  • The documentation has been updated
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