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This is a tech demo of using WebRTC without a signaling server -- the WebRTC offer/answer exchange is performed manually by the users, for example via IM. This means that the app can run out of file:/// directly, without involving a web server. You can send text messages and files between peers.

This repository contains two different clients that can talk to each other:

  1. serverless-webrtc.js runs under node.js
  2. serverless-webrtc.html runs in Chrome or Firefox

Chat is fully interoperable between all of the above (Node, Chrome, Firefox) in any combination (tested with Chrome 35 and Firefox 29).


For Node:

 λ npm install serverless-webrtc
 λ node_modules/serverless-webrtc/serverless-webrtc.js

Under Node, if you want to create a session instead of joining one:

 λ node_modules/serverless-webrtc/serverless-webrtc.js --create

For browsers:

In Chrome (but not Firefox), you'll need to run a local web server rather than just browsing to file:///, like this:

 λ cd serverless-webrtc
 λ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8001 .
Serving HTTP on port 8001 ...

and then browse to http://localhost:8001/.

For Android:

Vojtěch Sázel has ported this project to Android: serverless-webrtc-android.

Blog posts with more details:

Browser demo link:

-- Chris Ball (