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Imports a rails project into subversion and converts the current directory to
a working copy of that project. SvnImport goes a little bit further than just
adding everything; it ignores resources such as logs, tmp files and database.yml
and environment.rb.
For the database.yml and environment.rb files, SvnImport creates template files,
and provides a task for copying them back after checkout. This allows each
developer to have their own database settings and/or keep the password for the
production database out of version control.
$ rails myapp
$ cd myapp
[More initial setup]
$ script/plugin install
$ rake svn:import
When checking out a project that was imported with svn_import you can do:
$ svn co http://my.repo/myapp/trunk .
$ rake svn:setup
Copyright (c) 2008 Christian Johansen , released under the MIT license - -
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