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CKAN Feature Ideas and Roadmap

We use the issue tracker of this github repo to manage the CKAN Roadmap. This includes both:

  • Suggesting new ideas and features for CKAN
  • Prioritizing these into a Roadmap for future "core" CKAN work

We emphasize that ideas don't just have to be about improvements to the core CKAN software - for example, the idea of creating a new phone app client for CKAN would be perfect thing to submit.

If you want to know more about CKAN and its Roadmap process see:

See the current ideas

Ideas are just issues in the issue tracker.

See the full list of "open" ideas

Here is an alternative "columnar" view on the "open ideas" that is easier to view:

Ideas issues in Kanban layout

Want to propose something?

Suggest it by creating a new idea "issue" here »

If you have any problems please get in touch.