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CKEditor 5

The most powerful Open Source rich text editor with a modular & modern architecture and 200+ features. Rock solid and fully customizable.

What's so unique about CKEditor? 💫

  • CKEditor 5 is a ready-to-use editor but also an editing framework with a robust API and tools such as CKEditor 5 inspector or package generator. This allows you to build your own plugins and solutions.
  • Quality. 32,000+ tests, 100% code coverage, backed by a team of 40+ developers.
  • Six different UI types. It fits any kind of application, e.g. Document Management System, email platform, CMS, LMS, CRM, chat.
  • A large set of features (~200), including: paste from Office (Word, Google Docs), Markdown support, support for tables with table properties and column resizing, @mentions, find & replace, autoformatting, source editing, spell and grammar checker.
  • Great accessibility support.
  • Export to PDF/Word and import from Word.
  • Exceptional collaboration features you will not find anywhere else:
    • Real-time collaborative editing (with ready-to-use backend with REST API, webhooks and detailed logging),
    • Comments and track changes,
    • Revision history.

Download and install CKEditor 5 ⛏️

Framework integrations 🧩

Ready-to-use samples 📋

Tutorials 📚

Other resources 🧰

  • GitHub Writer - Replaces the default GitHub editor with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor (Chrome/Firefox browser extension). No need to remember the Markdown syntax!
  • CKBox - Ready-to-use file manager / digital asset manager with a native plugin for CKEditor 5. Free plan available.

CKEditor 4

Note: we recommend starting new projects with CKEditor 5.


  1. ckeditor5 Public

    Powerful rich text editor framework with a modular architecture, modern integrations, and features like collaborative editing.

    JavaScript 6.8k 3.2k

  2. Official CKEditor 5 React component.

    JavaScript 364 90

  3. Official CKEditor 5 Vue.js component.

    JavaScript 286 69

  4. Official CKEditor 5 Angular 5+ component.

    TypeScript 182 99

  5. Source codes for demos available at

    JavaScript 8 8

  6. Collaboration integration examples for CKEditor 5

    JavaScript 45 97


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