CKEditor 4 presets builder.
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CKEditor 4 Presets Builder

This builder is a tool that creates CKEditor release files for the main "preset" configurations officially distributed at It is targeted to the CKEditor core team, to test the preset builds, to update the website on new releases and to generate the nightly builds.

A preset is a CKEditor configuration for building that includes a specific set of plugins. Currently, there are 3 presets defined: standard, basic and full.

The original source code from the official CKEditor repositories is used for the build.

Cloning this Code

To clone this code:

> git clone

Then, the registered submodules need to be updated:

> git submodule update --init

Running the Builder

The is the only file you should care about. It downloads CKBuilder, if necessary, and execute the building process.

This is the command syntax:

> standard|basic|full [all]

The optional "all" argument tells the builder to include all plugins available in the ckeditor-dev repository, even if they're not included in the preset.

The build will be then created in the build/[preset name] folder.


> # Build a "standard" release.
> standard

> # Build a "basic" release, including all plugins available.
> basic all