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Original concept and programming by Con Kolivas
Beginning with version 0.19, Peter Hyman submitted bug fixes,
patches, multi-threading support, assembler integration,
SDK updating, and autoconf improvements.
Thanks to:
Andrew Tridgell for rzip
Markus Oberhumer for lzo
Igor Pavlov for lzma and CRC Assembler code
Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler for the zlib compression library
Christian Leber for lzma compat layer
Lasse Collin for debugging the compat layer
Michael J Cohen for Darwin support
Jukka Laurila for newer Darwin support
George Makrydakis for lrztar, lrzuntar
Jari Aalto for documentation and typos and git help
Jon Tibble for nasm tests & Solaris support
Michael Blumenkrantz for updated autotools and liblrzip!
Serge Belyshev for encryption help and code
Ulrich Drepper for MD5 implementation
PolarSSL authors for sha512 + aes128 implementation
Fernando Auil for lrzip completion
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