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triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Created new step property option, "repairPlayers", which will allow a
player to repair the units owned by a different player. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue where your move phase was skipped if the only unit you
owned was a land unit in a transport. (veqryn)
* Allowing land units to receive repairing and bonus movement from
neighboring sea zone sea units. (veqryn)
* Units on transports no longer are able to repair other units, allow
scrambling, or give movement to other units. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue where a unit that dies from rockets, still participates in
subsequent strategic bombing battle. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with allied land units in friendly transports and allied
air on friendly carriers losing their movement when their
transport/carrier moved. (veqryn)
* Fixing issue with allied land units starting game loaded on friendly
transports, could not offload until at least one non-combat phase had
passed. (veqryn)
* Deleted global game option property, "Allied Air Dependents", and
replaced with its inverse, "Allied Air Independent". (veqryn)
* Added menu option under 'Export" menu, called "Export Unit Charts",
which will create an html document showing all units in the game and
their properties and cost. (veqryn)
* Created an new menu option under the 'Help' menu called "Unit Help",
which will display a table of all units, by player, including all unit
properties. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug in relationship attachment property change by trigger.
* Deleting phase step property option, "resetUnitState", and replacing
with "resetUnitStateAtEnd" and "resetUnitStateAtStart". (frogg)
* Making createsUnitsList ability choose a random territory when
producing to a neighboring territory. (veqryn)
* Fixing bugs in AI's where factories were on water zones that had no
territory attachment. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where a stalemate battle with carriers that can be damaged
and when damaged don't let planes land, were not letting defending planes
move to land. (veqryn)
* Deleting game option property "Unescorted Transport Dies", as it no
longer does anything. (veqryn)
* Cleanup of HeadlessGameServer classes. (veqryn)
* Fixed bugs in Placement, which were allowing infinite placement of sea
units which were constructions. (veqryn)
* Some updates for 'Great War' world war 1 map, and Pact of Steel 2.
* Possible fix for "Could not stop delegate execution" bug. (veqryn)
* Fixed possible bug where a corrupted game save had the initialization
delegate get called more than once. (veqryn)
* Adding a new AI called "Hard AI". Also renamed AI's: EZ Fodder -> Easy
AI, Moore N Able -> Medium AI, Dynamix -> Land Only AI. (redrum)
* Fix for infinite crash-reload loop on loading a corrupt autosave on a
host bot. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with Victory trigger not being able to use html properly.
* Fixed illegal state exception error in landing paratroopers during a
battle. (veqryn)
* Possibly final fix for a game hang / frozen bot on game launch.
-- Jhonny Oliveira <> Mon, 31 Mar 2014 21:50:15 +0200
triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Adding new sci-fi sound for "future" era. (pulicat, cernel, veqryn)
* Allowing "NONE" as a valid option value in file.
* Fixed null pointer exception in Moore AI for water based factories.
* Fixed bid delegate so that it will still run even if the player has no
resources other than the bid amount. (veqryn)
* Fixed possible null pointer exception in Triggered Victory which is
triggered from outside of the end round delegate. (veqryn)
* Making TransportTracker a static implementation to clean up the engine
a little bit. (veqryn)
* Fixing various bugs in Global 1940, ww2v3, v4, v5, and v6. (veqryn)
* Created new Player Rule Attachment, "immuneToBlockade", which will
prevent blockade production loss for that player. (veqryn)
* Allowed 1940's paratroopers tech (ariborne combat) to move to / attack
territories that have been blitz or already conquered this turn. (veqryn)
* Allowed 1940's paratroopers tech (airborne combat) to move from allied
bases, and to allow travel over water. (veqryn)
* Created new step properties for special move delegates, "airborneMove",
which controls if it is an Airborne Combat move phase. (veqyrn)
* Adding some more pre-industrial sounds. (pulicat)
* Allowed muting of custom aa gun sounds and custom notification,
victory, and defeat sounds. (veqryn)
* Created resource image factory for making images and icons of
resources. (veqryn)
* Fixed user interface to allow purchasing resources. (veqryn)
* Fixing engine to allow purchase rules for purchasing resources.
* Fixed memory leak in repair rules for repairing factories. (veqryn)
* Creating a menu option in the "File" menu called "Post PBEM/PBF
Gamesave...", which will for pbem games post/email the savegame to the
forum, without having to wait for the end turn phase. (veqryn)
* Changing trigger "notification" to use "players". (veqryn)
* Changing unit attachment property, "repairsUnits", to allow multiple
and to have repair values associated with each unit, thereby allowing
units to be repaired by X amount each turn. (veqryn)
* Created new unitPlacement attribute, "unitDamage", which will let a
unit start with bombing factory damage. (veqryn)
* Created new unitPlacement attribute, "hitsTaken", which will let a unit
start damaged. (veqryn)
* Deleting game option property, "SBR Affects Unit Production", and
simplifying the engine to only use direct unit damage. (veqryn)
* Getting units with different bombing unit damage to not stack. (veqryn)
* Allowing selection of casualties for multiple hit units to allow damage
points past one. (veqryn)
* Getting "hitPoints" to work in the graphical user interface. (veqryn)
* Getting "hitPoints" to work on the back end inside the engine. (veqryn)
* Created new unit attachment property, "hitPoints", which sets the
number of hitpoints a unit has, and also deleted property "isTwoHit".
* Allowing sounds to be played by trigger, by putting "_sounds" after a
duplicate of the Notification message key, with the value equal to
"notification_" or "victory_" or "defeat_" + the sound key found in the file. (veqryn)
* Added logfile "dump" command for host bots, that will from the command
line print out all status, connection, memory, and thread information to
the log. (veqryn)
* Created ability for lobby admins to mute and/or boot players in a host
bot, remotely. (veqryn)
* Created ability for lobby admins to see the player connections in any
host game. (veqryn)
* Created ability for lobby admins to see chatlog of a host bot remotely.
* Adding a new autosave, 'autosave2', which will take turns being saved
to with 'autosave'. (veqyrn)
* Changing movement validation to disallow moving from a contested battle
territory into an enemy territory. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug with a territory owned by one player but having enemy units
in it, if the owned reconquers the territory it is no longer marked as
newly-conquered. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug preventing sounds inside a zipped map from playing if the
zipped map file path had any spaces or special characters in it. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug preventing phase sounds from playing more than once in a
non-pbem game. (veqryn)
* Creating an option to select local players and AI's for PBEM games.
AI's will not post/email the turn summary and savegame at the ends of
their turns however. (veqryn)
* Fixing bug with host bots where disabling players, quitting, then
reloading and disabling even more players, resulted in game crash.
* Disallowing previously disabled players from being re-enabled after a
game has started. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug with moderator lobby unbanning utility. (veqryn)
* Created ability for lobby admins to ban players inside a host bot,
remotely. (veqryn)
* Created ability for lobby admins to stop game on a host bot remotely.
* Created ability for lobby admins to shut down a host bot remotely.
* Created new option for host bots, "",
which when set will allow remote actions on the host bot from the lobby
admins. (veqryn)
* Created new option for host bots, "",
which will set the time between lobby reconnection refreshes, with the
minimum and default being 6 hours. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Disabled Players Assets Deleted",
which will delete all units and resources from a disabled unused player
during game startup. (veqryn)
* Allowing clients to disable and enable players for host bots, but not
normal hosts. (veqryn)
* Forcing random start to not allow disabled players to select
territories, and also letting savegames keep disabled state, and disabled
players switched to an AI. (veqryn)
* Creating new playerlist option for players, "canBeDisabled", which if
set to true will force the game to delete all delegates for that player,
thereby allowing more customized multiplayer games. (veqryn)
* Forcing hosts and hosting bots to always use Secure Random source when
playing online, even when the host is not playing. (veqryn)
* Updating TripleA to require at least Java 6 or greater. (veqryn)
* Updating included jar libraries to latest versions. (veqryn)
* Updating embedded JRE to Java 7 update 51 for x86. (veqryn)
* Updated Substance UI to version 7.2.1, and included approximately 14
new Look and Feel skins. (veqryn)
* Created a menu option called "User Notifications..." which lets you
turn off notifications you would receive from End Turn Reports, Triggered
Notifications, Chance rolls that are successful or failed. (veqryn)
* Fixing Comment Log so that it updates in real time. (veqryn)
* Changed automated hosting bots so that they show up as having 1 less
player (ie: the bot itself doesn't count), which means zero players if
noone else has joined. (veqryn)
* Changed unit resource creation so that positive resources will be
created before negative resources. (veqryn)
* Fixing bug in destroyedTUV condition for allRounds that prevented it
from working at all. (veqryn)
* Added an updated engine jar for so that the new engine can play
old 1.7.0.x savegames. (veqryn)
* Changed game setup screen so that the buttons for "Choose Game", "Load
Saved Game", and "Game Options", will no longer be greyed out for Clients
who have connected to an automated hosting bot. Those buttons will
perform the same as if the client used the "Network" menu instead.
* Adding a menu option to change an automated hosting bot's game options,
and creating backend to process this request. (veqryn)
* Forcing automated hosting bots have have a "support email address", so
that when a bot has hung or stopped responding, a moderator in the lobby
can email the bot's owner to notify them of the situation. (veqryn)
* Forcing automated hosting bots to have no password, to start with the
string "Bot", and have "automated_host" somewhere in comments. (veqryn)
* Adding a column to the lobby called "B" for "Bots", which will show
which hosts are automated hosting bots. They will also show up as
italics. (veqryn)
* Fixed order of firing in ww2v3 and Global 1940, so that defending subs
that are not sneak attacking will fire after all attackers have fired.
* Fixing a bug where attacking with a carrier loaded with allied
fighters, then retreating, would prevent those fighters from being able
to participate in battles for the rest of the game. (veqryn)
* Allowed TripleA clip player to access sound files within a zipped map.
* Fixed bug that allowed fighters to be moved greater than their allowed
movement if paired with a carrier. (veqryn)
* Adding scroll bars to placement window. (veqryn)
* Fixed another bug in getMaxUnitsToBePlaced, it will no longer stop the
game if it frees up enough capacity to place but not equal to theoretical
maximum. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where a strategic bombing unit receiving negative support
and/or negative terrain modifier would be unable to bomb is its attack
power decreased to zero. (veqryn)
* Created new step properties for move delegates, "combinedTurns", which
changes some validation for intermeshed player phases, such as allowing
air to live if the ally could place a carrier under them. (veqyrn)
* Created new step properties for purchase and place delegates, "bid",
which controls if it is a bid phase. (veqyrn)
* Created new step properties for move and end turn delegates,
"repairUnits", which controls when units get repaired. (veqyrn)
* Created new step properties for move and place delegates,
"removeAirThatCanNotLand", which controls when air that can not land gets
killed. (veqryn)
* Created new step properties for move delegates, "resetUnitState", which
controls when units get their movement and other stats reset. (veqryn)
* Created new step properties for move delegates, "giveBonusMovement",
which controls when bonus movement is given. (veqryn)
* Created new step properties for move delegates, "fireRockets", which
controls when rockets fire. (veqryn)
* Created new step properties for move delegates, "combatMove" and
"nonCombatMove", which control movement validation. (veqryn)
* Prevented AA type units from firing on both start and end of movement,
when option "Force AA Attacks For Last Step Of Fly Over" is turned on.
* Created new game property option "Abandoned Territories May Be Taken
Over Immediately", which allows an abandoned territory to be taken over
on the turn it was abandoned, rather than waiting for it to be attacked.
* Created new game property option "Sea Battles May Be Ignored", which
allows attackers to not create a battle in a contested sea zone. (frogg)
* Created new game property option "Contested Territories Produce No
Income", which will stop all production in territories that contain enemy
units. (frogg)
* Created new game property option "Retreating Units Remain In Place",
which will allow retreats to only the same territory as the battle.
(frogg & veqryn)
* Allowed forum poster to maintain "notify me"
settings. (Bruce Nielsen)
* Changed trigger property "when" so that it can be set multiple times,
allowing a trigger to fire multiple times per round. (frogg)
* Changed game property option "Battle Rounds" to "Land Battle Rounds".
* Added game property option "Sea Battle Rounds". (frogg)
* Possible fix for host game hang, when host is launching and another
player leaves or joins at start of launch. (veqryn)
* Possible fix for game hang / game freeze during hosting, client start
step should now wait for delegate bridge to finish updating. (veqryn)
* Possible workaround for game hang / game freeze during hosting, if
error occurs game should now drop back to waiting screen instead of just
hanging or ghosting. (veqryn)
* Adding much more logging to HeadlessServerGame in order to try to find
cause of the CastClassExceptions in TripleAPlayer.start() and
NullPointer/IllegalArgumentExceptions in RemoteName. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer error in battle calculator when spamming the cancel
button. (veqryn)
* Rebalancing Great War world war 1 game. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where chanceIncrementOnFailure and chanceDecrementOnSuccess
were not allowing any number of zero or less for chance. (veqryn)
* Fixed error where games with a round offset where doubling what round
the game started on each time it was saved via the history panel.
* Creating a headless chat service, so that server can be created in a
headless environment and still chat. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing fatal errors in client-server games when client owned
very last step/delegate of game (only applied to some grid based games).
* Adding a log file for the headless server located at
/log/headless-game-server-<servername>-log<#>.txt, to keep track of
events. (veqryn)
* Adding many more additional commands to headless game server console,
including show connections, ban player, save game, and stop game.
* Stopped headless game server from being able to load any savegame for a
map to which it does not have the required map files for. (veqryn)
* Possible fix another possible hang/freeze point causing a Could Not
Block Delegate Execution error. (veqryn)
* Fixed headless game server's connect to lobby so that resetting the
connection does not erase info about the game. (veqryn)
* Possible fixes two possible hang/freeze points in Server Game, one
caused by a bogus ClassCastException in ClientGame, the other by a bogus
NullPointerError/IllegalArgumentError in RemoteName from
PlayerDelegateBridge. (veqryn)
* Making sure sound system never loads sound clips for headless game
server. (veqryn)
* Added a console to automated headless game server host, which allows
commands such as 'help', 'status', 'memory', 'threads', and 'quit'.
* Created a headless UIContext for use with headless game server, so that
it may run on a linux platform that has no configured graphics
environment. (veqryn)
-- Jhonny Oliveira <> Mon, 03 Mar 2014 21:35:25 +0100
triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Got headless game to show options to client's, for changing the game,
changing to an autosave, sending a save to the server, and getting the
savegame from the host. (veqryn)
* Got headless game to restart its lobby connection once per 8 hours.
* Got headless game server to be able to connect to lobby, and host games
repeatedly without requiring any UI or swing event thread. Also got to
immediately reload autosave when a player quits. (veqryn)
* Got headless game server to be able to pick games, and have a mini-ui
for hosting and for during the game. (veqryn)
* Got headless game server to be able to host minimap, with the game
screen headless. (veqryn)
* First pass at setting up framework for a headless game server. (veqryn)
* Preventing AA units with maxRoundsAA from getting removed early from
battle. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing Random Territory Start delegate to fail in online
games due to requesting dice too quickly. (veqryn)
* Updating Great War ww1 map and xml, to improve options and balance.
* Updating packaged JRE to Java 7 update 21 for x86. (veqryn)
* Made fuelCost no longer charge for allied air dependants, paratroopers,
and owned air on owned fighters not making an attack. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Use Fuel Cost", which will control
if we charge for fuel in our movement. (veqryn)
* Added an option to turn off the end of turn report, into the game menu
bar. (veqryn)
* Changed engine preference for max memory into a "system.ini" file, that
way a user can delete or reinstall TripleA if they screw up. (veqryn)
* Created new engine preference option to set the maximum memory used for
triplea, for joining, hosting, and also an option to have triplea always
restart with higher memory maximum. (veqryn)
* Created new option in engine preferences to show engine log console,
and also had the console show current memory usage. (veqryn)
* Reducing maximum memory to 896mb, down from 1024mb, in order to stop
these errors from happening, and not allowing engine to add 20% to this
when joining online games or hosting. (veqryn)
* Figuring out some user's Java jvm's and/or the JRE included with
triplea, only allow up to xmx 1024mb of memory maximum, and that the
program completely fails when going over this limit, often causing the
user to be unable to join or host games online. (veqryn & diaz)
* Fixing some lock not held errors. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing triggered notifications to not use local images when
shown on a client computer. (veqryn)
* Not allowing scrambling question when only and SBR raid is in a
territory and scramble to SBR is turned off. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing Territory Effects to not be applied at all, ever.
Also fixed possible issue with 'choose best roll' in low luck. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing national objectives which rewarded players on a
per-territory basis using the "each" modifier to not work. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing paratrooping land units who's air transports were hit
by AA fire to not be removed from the battle. (veqryn)
* Fixed possible null pointer in color chooser for color property, which
occurred when chosing the color for map text. (veqryn)
-- Christoph Korn <> Tue, 21 May 2013 23:06:56 +0200
triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* New attachment properties for Triggers, Politics, and User Actions:
"chanceIncrementOnFailure" and "chanceDecrementOnSuccess" which will
modify the "chance" value. (veqryn)
* Fixing fuelCost to not be charged for units in transports. (veqryn)
* Major changes to both the map and the placements and the rules for
"Great War" world war one game. (veqryn)
* Implemented all sounds through
IDelegateBridge.getSoundChannelBroadcaster().playSoundForAll() or through
DefaultSoundChannel.playSoundOnLocalMachine() for a few local sounds like
slapping in chat. (veqryn)
* Created new channel broadcaster for use with playing sounds on both
server machine and client machines. (veqryn)
* Created user interface element for RandomStartDelegate, so that players
can pick which territory they want and what units they want in it.
* Gave all AIs methods to pick territories, and they will attempt to
focus on a single area of the board. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Territories Are Assigned Randomly",
which determines if territories are randomly assigned or picked by
players during RandomStartDelegate. (veqryn)
* Created new delegate, "RandomStartDelegate", which will allow for
randomly assigned territories or territories chosen in turn order.
* Fixed problem where territory names that were parseable integers could
not allow any territory based conditions. I still recommend territories
have a non integer character in them though. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer error in signalGameOver when called by a trigger for
a game that has never reached the end round step. (veqryn)
* Minor adjustment to retain capital produce number methods to allow a
value of zero. (flaaargle)
* Created user interface element for the User Action Delegate, based on
the existing politics interface. (veqryn)
* Created new delegate, "UserActionDelegate", which will allow nations to
take any kind of condition/trigger based action. (veqryn)
* Created new text file, "", which contains action
text for the user interface for taking user actions, similar to (veqryn)
* Added new property, "activateTrigger", to UserActionAttachment, which
will fire a trigger when the nation takes this action. (veqryn)
* Added properties for conditions, conditionType, invert, chance, costPU,
text, actionAccept, and attemptsPerTurn to the User Action Attachment.
* Created new attachment, "UserActionAttachment", which holds actions
that can be taken by a player, based on an abstraction of the political
action attachment. (veqryn)
* New Condition Attachment property option, "gameProperty", which can be
set equal to the exact string of any boolean game property option,
including custom made up ones. (veqryn)
* Created new AI specially for multiplayer free-for-all games, "Does
Nothing AI", which will buy units the first round then destroy all money
all subsequent rounds, along with doing nothing else. (veqryn)
* Abstracted methods to find the power and rolls of units into a single
method. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with Marine amphibious attackers showing a bonus on the
battle screen even when attacking via land. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer error in Strong AI (Moore AI). (veqryn)
* Getting the UnitSupportAttachment faction option to handle both allied
and enemy, thereby allowing giving positive or negative support to enemy
units. (veqryn)
* Getting the UnitSupportAttachment dice option to handle both strength
and roll, thereby allowing giving extra rolls to units. (veqryn)
* Changing defending submarines to fire after all attacking units under
classic rules, where property Defending Subs Sneak Attack is false.
* Created new button, "Order of Losses", in the battle calculator, which
will all you to put in a text script of which casualties to select in
what order. (veqryn)
* Added option to retreat in battle calculator when we are losing, which
is approximated by seeing if our 'meta-power' is lower than the
opponent's. (veqryn)
* Created new image utility, TileImageReconstructor, which will recreate
an image based on base tiles or relief tiles and/or draw a polygons file
onto an image. (veqryn)
* Adding a visual log to AutoPlacementFinder and TileImageBreaker, and
getting the AutoPlacementFinder to cut out at a max of about 50
placements per territory. (veqryn)
* Changed unit attachment "isMarine" to allow for integers instead of
boolean. (veqryn)
* Updated default casualty selection to take territory effects into
consideration. (veqryn)
* Updating web poster to keep track of many entered websites, and save
them all to the local cache but not to the savegame. (veqryn)
* Created new unit attachment property, "canAirBattle", which determines
if a unit participates in a normal battle's air battle. (veqryn)
* Allowing defense to ground their planes before an air battle (preceding
a normal battle) if withdrawing is turned on, however if the territory is
lost they die. (veqryn)
* Fixed battle screen null pointer errors caused by maps with artillery
units but no supportable units. Also fixed bug where maps without notes
could not be closed. (veqryn)
* Allowed AA Gun type units to fire back in same round if killed by other
AA Gun type units. (veqryn)
* Added new steps to must fight battle so that offensive aa guns will
work correctly. (veqryn)
* Created new unit attachment properties, "offensiveAttackAA" and
"offensiveAttackAAmaxDieSides", which will be used by offensive aa guns.
* Created new unit attachment property, "maxRoundsAA", which sets the
number of rounds an AA gun may fire in, with 1 being default. Only normal
battles are affected, while flyover and strategic bombing are not
affected. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Battle Rounds", which sets the
maximum number of rounds of combat for normal battles, with -1 being
infinite which is default. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Can Scramble Into Air Battles",
which will allow a player to scramble air to neighboring territories in
order to defend against air raids and air battles. (veqryn)
* Set up battle delegate and tracker to allow air battles to be created
for normal battles. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Battles May Be Preceeded By Air
Battles", which will allow normal battles to have air battles first.
* Created new game option properties, "Air Battle Attackers Can Retreat"
and "Air Battle Defenders Can Retreat", which allow retreating from air
battles. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Air Battle Rounds", which will allow
setting the number of rounds of combat for air battles. (veqryn)
* Abstracted StrategicBombingRaidPreBattle to become AirBattle, no longer
extending StrategicBombingRaid. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug that caused a rare skipping of a battle involving transports
and air vs undefended transports. (veqryn)
* Adding new PBEM feature, the ability to post to a custom triplea
website. (weigo)
* Adding scroll bar to chat panel for online game waiting host room
before game launched. (veqryn)
* Expanded Unit tool tips to include unit support attachments, and also
to detail more info for other abilities. (veqryn)
* Increasing maximum memory to 1gb (1024mb), up from 768mb. (veqryn)
* Creating a new monthly check to see if all maps are up to date, and if
not then asking the user to update their maps. (veqryn)
* Allowed "men" in International Draughts to capture backwards, which
appears as a game option in Checkers. (veqryn)
* Created caching mechanism for the game notes, so that it is only in
memory when the notes tab is open and otherwise can be cleared from
memory if needed. (veqryn)
* Created a new Unit Attachment option, "damageableAA", which allows this
AA gun type unit to cause damage to a two hitpoint unit instead of
outright killing it. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where AA shots on 2 hitpoint units with Choose AA Casualties
on was resulting in no damage or killed unit. Also changed battle display
to show "typeAA" for each AA Fire phase, instead of a generic identifier.
* Allowing custom AA hit and miss sounds for irregular AA types, with the
folder being located at "battle_<typeaa>_hit" and "battle_<typeaa>_miss"
(folder must be lowercase though), where <typeaa> is the unit attachment
"typeAA" of that unit. (veqryn)
* Adding text labels to the Battle Calculator for the number of hitpoints
and the total attack or defense power of each side. (veqryn)
* Adding a new Hot Key "F" for 'Find Units', which will highlight all
units you own that have movement left, but only during a movement phase.
* Allowed Edit Mode to add land units to a sea zone if there are either
transports already there or transports also being added at the same time.
* Allowed Edit Mode to remove units owned by different players. (veqryn)
* Changed territory attachment "victoryCity" to allow integers instead of
boolean, thereby allowing victory cities with greater value, and also
added a tooltip to tech purchase phase to show what techs are in each
category. (eurofabio)
* Allowed Edit Add Units to check if artwork exists for units not in a
production frontier, and if so allow them to be created. (veqryn)
* Added more info to Battle Calc including total TUV swing, and allowing
retreat after losing all air units or having only x units left. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where having sea units begin the turn on top of an enemy sub,
and then not moving them but also not attacking, caused them to lose
their movement anyway. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where you could move a destroyer after it had killed a sub,
during noncombat move. (veqryn)
* Updating text xml's and adding TWW xml for new tests. (veqryn)
* Fixing bug in air movement validation for complex movement cases.
* Fixing several memory leaks related to game notes staying in memory
multiple times. (veqryn)
* Creating Edit Mode for Grid Based games like chess, checkers, and go.
* Added feature to automatically parse HTML text in game notes and in
notifications, and replace all image links with links to the map folder's
"doc/images/" directory, thereby allowing local image files to be used.
* Adding ability to specify when the attacker should retreat after how
many rounds, to the battle calculator. (veqryn)
* Added fields for average number of rounds, average attacking units left
when attacker won, and average defending units left when defender won, to
the battle calculator. (veqryn)
* Added new Edit option to change political relationships between
players. (veqryn)
* Created option in game 'View' menu to change the font size and font
colors of things like territory names, pu's, unit count, and factory
damage count. (veqryn)
* Fixed serious bug with process runner util that prevented a new
classpath from being used, most notably preventing the 'old jars' from
getting run. (veqryn)
* Creating a method in IDisplay to send messages to all player's
computers, but only once per computer. Also includes ability to send to
certain players only. (veqryn)
* Forced all non-returning void dialogs to run in a separate process as
to not block the game from moving forward.
* Forced all UI interactions to either go through a single thread, or
wait for thread to finish, so as not to have multiple popups at same
time. (veqryn)
* Creating simple message dialog report for end of turn collection of PUs
and national objectives and any blockade action. (veqryn)
* Creating a mouse shadow image to go with the route image, showing how
much movement you have left for any selected units, in blue font.
* Possibly fixing bug where the game host process does not end, even
though all windows close. (veqryn)
* Allowing all Grid Games to use the play by email and forum posters.
* Abstracted the Forum Poster to its own component and static methods.
Added new checkboxes for including savegame and for reposting the turn if
it failed the first time. (veqryn)
* Creating victory conditions for Go, and creating a UI for players to
negotiate which groups of stones are alive or dead. (veqryn)
* Creating all game logic for Go. (veqryn)
* Creating UI for Go. (veqryn)
* Allowing Grid Games to change their width and height mid-game, like
through game options. (veqryn)
* Creating initial framework and loader for Go. (veqryn)
* Creating simple AI for Checkers, and adding rules to enforce the
forcing of jump capture moves when available. (veqryn)
* Creating UI for Checkers. (veqryn)
* Adding all game logic for Checkers. (veqryn)
* Adding sound for joining a game chat room. (cpp-ose & jeparedes)
* Creating framework and loader for Checkers. (veqryn)
* Adding Chess to available games that come with TripleA, and cleaning up
source and UI, and fixing various bugs in the grid games framework.
* Getting Grid Games to use the History Panel, and adding the history
panel and other options to their menu bar. (veqryn)
* Getting GridMapPanel to scroll by having it extend
ImageScrollerLargeView, and fixing up all grid based games to use this.
* Getting Grid Games to allow having a chat panel in multiplayer and
networked games. (veqryn)
* Abstracting both Sliding Tiles (N-Puzzle) game and Tic Tac Toe game
into Grid Game. (veqryn)
* Created a min-max/alpha-beta type of AI, which takes a long time to
think but actually makes OK moves. (veqryn)
* Created a very very simple AI for Chess, based on random moves plus
capturing pieces when available. (veqryn)
* Finished checking for Check and Check Mate in Chess. (veqryn)
* Finishing movement validation for Chess. (veqryn)
* Adding a visual cue for which moves are legal for Chess and other Grid
games. (veqryn)
* Added movement validation logic for Chess. (veqryn)
* Upgrading the graphics for Grid Games, and including a mouse shadow of
selected units, and a highlight of which units on map are currently
selected. (veqryn)
* Major abstraction of both King's Table and Chess into a single
framework for Grid based games. (veqryn)
* Completing most of UI aspect of Chess game. (veqryn)
* Creating framework for a Chess game. (veqryn)
* Created a notification to the user when they start a version of TripleA
for the first time, showing the new features of this version. (veqryn)
* Created a notification to the user when they start TripleA that checks
if their TripleA is the latest version, and if not asks them to update
it. (veqryn)
* Created a notification to the user when they click "list games" that
will alert them to which maps they already have which may be out of date
and need updating. (veqryn)
* Added the default map downloader xml web link to the download maps
feature, if the user does not already have any. (veqryn)
* Fixed movement validation bug that prevent loading of land units onto a
transport during noncombat if the transport was in an enemy 'owned' sea
zone. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where units being transported or otherwise dependent were
being counted towards unit presence and unit exclusion objectives.
* Changing territory attachment "occupiedTerrOf" into "originalOwner".
* Deleting game option property "Occupied Territories" since it does not
do anything anymore. (veqryn)
* Created new territory effect attachment option, "unitsNotAllowed",
which is a list of units that will be prevented from moving into any
territories with this effect. (crystalct)
* Adding ability to specify which round the game starts on, through a
round offset in gameplay section of xml. (veqryn)
* Added ability to Right Click on any node in the History panel, and save
a game at that point in history [could still be buggy, do not use for
tournament games]. (veqryn)
* Abstracted delegates so that the server can now determine if it needs
to wait on the user for input for a delegate or not. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where having a tech token but not having enough money to buy
a new one, would cause you to skip rolling for the existing token.
-- Christoph Korn <> Sun, 05 May 2013 19:00:50 +0200
triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Adding dotted lines to the LOTR Middle Earth map, to show connections
over rivers. (veqryn)
* Not showing tech in stats panel if game xml does not have any
technologies. (veqryn)
* Created new stepProperty, "turnSummaryPlayers", which holds a list of
players for whom we will include their turn summary information in the
forum/email post. (veqryn)
* Created new stepProperty, "skipPosting", which when true will skip the
forum posting for that EndTurn type step. (veqryn)
* Created new xml option type "stepProperty" for a step (gamePlay -
sequence), which can hold small options for modifying a delegate step.
* Adding some more sounds for ancient/classical era. (veqryn)
* Adding some more ww2 sounds and national anthems for main players.
* Allowing air movement over neutrals and enemy territories so long as
movement over neutrals is allowed, and no nonparatrooping units are
present. (veqryn)
* Creating caching mechanism for sound clips, so that there are never
more than 24 sound clips being held in memory. This should prevent errors
in MacOS and Linux, which can not handle having large number of sound
clips open at same time. This may however result in a delay before
hearing clips, and still could result in errors if clips are really long.
* Fixed null pointer error for a trigger based game property change of a
field that starts out as null. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug in strategic bombing that allowed strategic bombing of units
that can be damaged, which were also being transported. (veqryn)
* Adding scroll bars to notification messages window. (veqryn)
* Increasing max memory from 640mb to 768mb, and up to 896mb for online
games. (veqryn)
* Moved all sounds to a specific "era" folder (ww2, preindustrial,
classical, future) and changing how sounds are found again, so that there
should no longer be any need for duplicate sound files. Now all sounds
should come with TripleA, and you can use the "" file to
cherry pick which sounds you want. (veqryn)
* Created a "" file which allows you to specify which
era of sounds (ww2, preindustrial, classical, future) you are using, and
also set up custom sound choices for each sound location path. (veqryn)
* Getting TripleA Map Panel to center on the capital of a player,
whenever we switch to a new player's phase. (veqryn)
* Changing getBoundingRect and createTerritoryImage and getTiles so that
any polygons on the right or bottom will be translated to be on the
negative left or top, hopefully solving issue where the mini territory
image was not being displayed properly for territories on both sides of a
map divide. (frigoref)
* Abstracting the Stats panels into AbstractStatPanel so that extending
Stats panel (and all of its overhead) is no longer necessary for the
EconomyPanel, ObjectivePanel, TerritoryDetailPanel, and other panels.
* Changing Tech Stats Panel to use small flag images for column headers
instead of the first letter of nation names. (veqryn)
* Fixing bugs with placing constructions in sea zones. Now constructions
can only be "produced" by the territory they are going into. (veqryn)
* Adding a lot more sounds to the engine (zim xero) and some sounds
specific to napoleonic empires. (hepster & veqryn)
* Added tutorial on how to make a map and/or map skin. (veqryn)
* Allowing for Sea Factories, and Air Factories, to produce from owned
sea zones. (veqryn)
* Added UPnP support to TripleA, so that TripleA will now attempt to
Forward Ports for the user. This means users should no longer have to do
port forwarding themselves to be able to host a game online. (veqryn)
* Created framework for using UPnP library, and UI component for user.
* Added java library for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) to TripleA.
* Created new HotKey, "N", which when pressed during a movement phase,
will cycle through all units with available movement left, focusing the
map on the unit. (veqryn)
* Created new HotKey, "I", which when pressed will create a popup for 5
seconds showing all the info about the unit and/or territory your mouse
is currently over. (veqryn)
* Allowing the map to be scrolled by using the arrow keys and/or WASD.
* Added original owner, whenCapturedByGoesTo, captureUnitOnEnteringBy,
and changeUnitOwners to the Territory tooltip and territory tab info.
* Fixing Move Panel and Place Panel so that Undoing a move or place will
not result in scrolling back to the top, and will instead scroll to make
sure that the move under the undoed move is still visible. (veqryn)
* Allowing all sounds to have a player associated with them. Just name
the sound "<soundName>_<playerName>". If the player sound does not
exist, it will use the default non-player sound. (veqryn)
* Added a ton more new sounds to the engine. (veqryn)
* Changed Sounds so that instead of specific sound files, the engine will
search for specific sound folder. The engine will then randomly select a
sound in that folder and play it. This allows for randomized sounds.
* Made sure any clicking or dragging gives focus to the main map panel
area. Also ensuring that if focus goes to the tabs panel tabs, that the
focus goes back to the map. (veqryn)
* Created new game option property, "Submarines Defending May Submerge Or
Retreat", which will allow defending submarines to submerge or retreat to
a friendly neighboring sea zone. (veqryn)
* Deleting game option property, "Hari-Kari Units", since it doesn't do
anything at this point. (veqryn)
* Deleting game option property, "Previous Units Fight", since it doesn't
do anything at this point. (veqryn)
* Allowing sea units to retreat back if the retreating to territory
contains only ignored enemy units. (veqryn)
* Disallowing rockets from firing over impassible territories by default.
* Added message on how long a ban lasts for, when a user tries to
reconnect to the lobby. (veqryn)
* Created ui wrapper for properties, and allowed most to be editable.
* Created new map utility, "MapPropertiesMaker", which will make the
"" file. (veqryn)
* Added an 'Is Amphibious' check box to the battle calculator, so that
units like marines will correctly calculate for an amphibious battle.
* Getting Decoration Placer to auto place all images nicely on the map if
they match the territory names or if they are not decorations. Also
including detailed instructions. (veqryn)
* Got the Decoration Placer to work with placing PUs, decorations, name
images, capitals, vc's, and all other image types and text files.
* Creating new map utility, "Decoration Placer", which allows a map maker
to put decorations and other images on a map, recording their points in a
text file. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug in Triggers that use "chance" and also have more than 1
action or event inside them, so that they will no longer test once for
each action, and instead only one time total. (veqryn)
* Created new tab, "Notes", which will just show the game notes, on the
right side of the screen. (veqryn)
* Getting the objective panel to not refresh more than every 10 seconds,
and adding a "Refresh" button so that it can be manually refreshed.
* Getting the objectives on the objective tab to show up in colors (red =
true, blue = used up), and show more information: <#of uses
left><T=true/F=false><#of objectives filled>. (veqryn)
* Including on Objective tab whether condition is currently true or not,
and getting it to update with the game. (veqryn)
* Creating new text file, "", which will hold all
the details about what objectives to show on the objective tab. (veqryn)
* Creating new stats panel, "Objective" Tab, which will contain a list of
all national objectives and any other conditions the map maker wants.
* Created new "" variables: "map.cursor.hotspot.x", and
"map.cursor.hotspot.y". (veqryn)
* Allowing TripleA to use custom cursors located at "misc/cursor.gif".
* Getting TripleA to use any sounds located in a folder named "sounds" in
any map file, thereby allowing custom sounds for every map. (veqryn)
* Renaming the "images" folder into "assets", and then moving the
"sounds" folder to be inside of the "assets" folder, inside the triplea
program directory. (veqryn)
* Created new text file, "comments.txt", which will control where things
like convoy route names and comments will go. (veqryn)
* Deleted "" variable "map.showConvoyNames" and replaced
with "map.showComments". (veqryn)
* Created new folder, "territoryNames", which can be filled with .png
images of each territory name. These will be displayed at the points in
"name_place.txt". (veqryn)
* Created new "" variables: "units.stack.size",
"map.showSeaZoneNames", and "map.drawNamesFromTopLeft". (veqryn)
* Deleting xml property, "Display Sea Names", and will replace it with a property "map.showSeaZoneNames", because display options
should not be in the xml, only game logic should be. (veqryn)
* Deleting xml property, "Display Units as Counters", and will replace it
with a property "units.stack.size", because display
options should not be in the xml, only game logic should be. (veqryn)
* Created new "" variable "map.scrollWrapY", and got
TripleA to successfully scroll in the Y direction, as well as both X and
Y at the same time seamlessly. (veqryn & frigoref)
* Created new "" variables: "map.showResources", and
"screenshot.title.enabled". (veqryn)
* Creating a ConnectionFinder for the 'map' part of the xml. (edwin van
der wal)
* Adding Mnemonics to menu options in game. (frigoref)
* Improved performance of Polygon Grabber and added a auto-grab to it to
will attempt to grab any polygon that does not contain other polygons,
based on the centers file. (edwin & veqryn)
* Set up UI for map creator, fixed it up to be able to run all utility
files, including sending arguments to them. (veqryn)
* Creating a new Map Creator / Map Maker that is accessible from the
Engine Preferences section of TripleA. (veqryn)
* Updating TileImageBreaker and PlacementPicker to include more notes on
how to use them, as well as fixing some bugs and allowing arguments and
remembering selections. (veqryn)
* Updating CenterPicker and PolygonGrabber and AutoPlacementFinder to
include more notes on how to use them, as well as allowing arguments and
remembering selections. (veqryn)
* Fixing Global 1940 to match 2nd Edition version. (veqryn)
* Preventing fighters that used up all movement to get to a battle, from
getting to retreat. (veqryn)
* Allowing PlacementPicker and AutoPlacementFinder to accept two
arguments (when run by command line), the width and the height, of the
placements. (veqryn)
* Fixed issues preventing the smallMap from being updated after switching
map skins. Also polishing up support for map skins that are totally
different than the original map. (veqryn)
* Creating new "" variables: "units.width", "units.height",
"units.counter.offset.width" and "units.counter.offset.height", allowing
maps to use non-standard sized unit images. (veqryn)
* Fixing a bug in center picker, and fixing a bug where selecting a map
skin didn't verify the map before changing the user preferences. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where rockets could attack a factory multiple times. (veqryn)
* Deleting the game option "Rocket Attack Per Factory Restricted", and
replacing it with its inverse, "Rocket Attacks Per Factory Infinite".
* Fixed issue with not being Java 1.5 compatible. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer error in getSkins method when user has installed
triplea to the user folder. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with showing Turn Summary from right clicking on the
player's node while in the History mode, which showed the current
player's territory summary instead of the selected player. (veqryn)
* Fixing movement validation bug that disallowed movement into a sea zone
controlled by the enemy with subs, if the sea zone also had an owner,
even if subs are being ignored. (veqryn)
* Adding new AI, "Moore N Able (2)", with ability to read a script file
from map folder. (kmoore)
* Fixing Concurrent Modification error with getIsAmphibiousMarine method
in battle display. (veqryn)
* Fixing comparison method in Easy AI (weak ai) so that adheres to the
comparison contract. Also cleaned up a lot of code, fixed a lot of
warnings. (veqryn)
* Fixing bug history panel bug caused by loading a savegame at the end of
the last player's turn, causing a "Can not add event, not in step" error
to be thrown. (veqryn)
* Adding new menu option "Focus On Own Casualties", which when selected
will cause the default casualty selection to focused, allowing the user
to hit spacebar to accept it. (hakon)
* Changed order of steps so that in games where Submarines may submerge
before battle, the attacker is asked first, then the defender is asked.
* Showed convoy blockade dice rolls in History Panel even if the blockade
damage is zero. (veqryn)
-- Christoph Korn <> Sun, 17 Feb 2013 00:33:12 +0100
triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
Changes for
* Fixed bug in Paratroopers code, causing paratrooper attacks in coast
territories on maps with scrambling to never actually take the territory.
* Creating a simple Ping method inside of the Chat Controller, that will
ping all computers once every minute, hopefully improving everyone's
connections. (Sean Bridges & veqryn)
* Allowing people to hold SHIFT down while their mouse is over a
territory in order to keep that territory in the Territory Panel, no
matter where they move their mouse afterwards. (frigoref)
* Changed EndTurnDelegate so that Units Changing Ownership, and Hitpoint
Repair, will still happen even if you have lost your capital. (veqryn)
* Getting MooreAI to submerge subs if only enemy air is left. (hakon)
* Fixing "Edit Unit Bombing Damage" for maps that use territory based
damage, such as ww2v3. (veqryn)
* Allowing new option for the Play By Email / Play By Forum poster, to
"Include Overall Dice Statistics" in the post/email. (veqryn)
* Improving the menu "GAME -> SHOW DICE STATS" to give information per
player, as well as totals. (veqryn)
* Getting engine to record if the dice thrown is in Combat or not, for
the dice statistics. (veqryn)
* Getting engine to record which player is rolling dice for the dice
statistics. (veqryn)
* Adding scroll bars to edit place unit panel and non-tabbed purchase
unit panel. (veqryn)
* Fixing non-serialization error when attempting to save the game after a
successful aa gun roll, but before selecting casualties. (veqryn)
* Improved bombing result display to show ignored dice if there are any,
and improving history panel to show the rolls for each target unit.
* Fixed integer array error in Strategy Bombing with Heavy Bombers,
causing the second half of all rolls to not be rolled, thereby defaulting
to one each. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer for undoing a placement made by UK in global 1940
maps, caused by the new no-air-checking delegate [players will need to
update their 1940 maps though]. (veqryn)
* Creating framework for TripleA to use proxies to connect to the
internet. Allowing map downloading, PBEM/PBF, and dice servers to use a
proxy. (veqryn)
* Improving "Draw Territory Borders On Top" so that it will automatically
switch to "medium" if you are on "low/default" and are zooming, and
switch back once you stop zooming out. (veqryn)
* Changing lobby moderator ban/mute options to make more sense, by only
giving 3 options: name only, everything, or cancel. (veqryn)
* Adding a backup lobby properties location on the tripleawarclub, in
addition to the one on sourceforge. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer error in MovePanel.selectEndPoint when clicking to
move a unit to a territory with no connections. (veqryn)
Changes for
* Fixing in loading old engine jars caused by odd pathnames. (veqryn)
* Made AA Guns appear in battle, then disappear after firing if they
could not participate any further. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing stacked aa guns to all fire with the attack power of
the most powerful aa gun in the group. (veqryn)
* Fixed some math bugs in low luck picking of aa casualties for maps with
non-standard aa guns. (veqryn)
* Made massive updates to and 1.6 so that they can work as 'old'
jars and be run from or future versions. (veqryn)
* Disallowing starting of games if game data is null. (veqryn)
* Allowing hosts to load an old savegame, causing old engine to join
lobby and host directly, if they have the jar to run it. (veqryn)
* Allowing members in online lobby to join games hosted by older versions
of triplea, if they have the jar to run it. (veqryn)
* Adding game version (GV), and engine version (EV), columns to lobby.
* Fixing many bugs in the handling of command line arguments. (veqryn)
* Adding Passworded (PW) column to lobby. (veqryn)
* Making game notes non-modal (doesn't stop all action til closed) and
making it always on top so that you can read it while you play. (veqryn)
* Fixing movement validation to allow submarines that are transports to
carry land units through other ships. (veqryn)
* Forcing default map selection when TripleA starts to avoid the last
file path uri used if it is not within the user's triplea folder or the
program's folder. (veqryn)
* Fixing bug with connections being lost during end of Air Battles,
resulting in a game that can not continue. (veqryn)
* Made xml exporter also add original territory owner as occupiedTerrOf
until such a time as we can just use originalOwner. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug causing land units carried by air units (paratroopers tech)
to blitz unoccupied enemy territories on route if going behind enemy
lines. (veqryn)
* Fixing bug preventing renamed hardcoded techs from working properly.
* Fixing some errors with Sliding Tiles game, Tic Tac Toe, and Kings
Table. (veqryn)
* Cleanup and abstraction of some AI classes and constructors and
superclasses. (veqryn)
* Fixed string index out of bounds error with notifications, and also
forced them to shorten for the history event record, to 150 characters if
needed by removing all html code then truncating the string. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with moving of old fighters to a new carrier by making sure
it only used the producer territory. (veqryn)
* Updating build to include old jars. Updating framework to ignore micro
version numbers, so that will also load savegames, etc.
* Created dialog to ask user if they want to load an old savegame. Fixed
framework so that it can load any old savegame if it can find an old
engine to match. And added jar engine. (veqryn)
* Including old jar file with slight modifications, so that can play savegames by simply running them with,
but as a separate application. (veqryn)
* Creating framework for loading older savegames using older included jar
files. (veqryn)
* Fixing some errors with command line options, and abstracting some game
running utilities. (veqryn)
* Fixing display error in old paratroopers tech that caused the land unit
to appear to die with the air unit even after it has landed and survived
any aa fire. (veqryn)
* Making sure technology still has an effect even if it is not in a
player's tech frontier. (veqryn)
* Make sure the game chooser menu is cleared from memory after closed.
* Created method to maintain savegame compatibility between 1.6.1 and with regards to techs. (veqryn)
* Removing static instances of all hardcoded Technologies. Everything now
done with locally created instances per game data. (veqryn)
* Changed choose how "best dice roll" / "LHTR heavy bombers" works with
Low Luck on, so that it will add a bonus equal to the number of dice
sides divided by 6. (veqryn)
* Fixing scrambling again, so that even an amphibious assault on an
undefended (blitzable) land territory, from an undefended sea zone, will
still trigger scrambling. (veqryn)
* Removed game stopping message about unlimited purchases, whenever a
unit or item cost so little that you can buy more than 10000 of it.
* Fixed errors in build.xml for java included version and mac version.
* Fixed null pointer error in Dynamix AI. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug in freePlacementCapacity when placing land units in a
territory that previously placed sea units in a sea zone bordering more
than one land producer. (veqryn)
* Increasing max memory from 512mb to 640mb, and up to 768mb for online
games. (veqryn)
-- Christoph Korn <> Sat, 29 Sep 2012 21:25:53 +0200
triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Rewriting build file and including META-INF, hopefully fixing issue
with Gmail play-by-email emailer on linux machines. (rain)
* Changing trigger property changes to use "-reset-" instead of clear.
Can now be used with any attachment option. (veqryn)
* Creating a reset method for every single attachment property. These can
now be used to return a property to its default value. (veqryn)
* Fixing some bugs introduced into AI with the factory switch. (veqryn)
* Fixing null pointer error in Easy AI purchasing algorithm for getting
costs of units. (veqryn)
* Changing maxDamage to default to 2 instead of -1. This is for bombing
type damage, and it acts as either a multiplier of territory value or as
a hard set number depending on canProduceXUnits. (veqryn)
* Fixing AIs to no longer use isFactory, and instead use things like
canProduceUnits, etc. (veqryn)
* Abstracting isFactory setting and matches to use the component parts.
* Deleting unit attachment, "isFactory", but keeping the setter so that
old xml's will not break.
setting isFactory now just sets: canBeDamaged, isInfrastructure,
canProduceUnits, isConstruction, constructionType = "factory",
maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr = 1,
constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn = 1. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Submarines Prevent Unescorted Amphibious
Assaults", that prevent unescorted transports from conducting amphibious
assaults. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Kamikaze Suicide Attacks Only Where Battles
Are", and implemented it. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where land units would disappear when conquering a sea zone.
* Making kamikaze and interceptor dialogs non-modal so user can move
around map while choosing. Again, saving during the dialog then reloading
might have odd effects. (veqryn)
* Making scramble dialog non-modal so that the user can move the map
around before choosing what to scramble. Note that saving the game while
in the middle of scrambling can result in weird effects, so it is not
recommended. (veqryn)
* Undoing update to java Substance 7.1, in order to maintain
compatibility with Java 5. (veqryn)
* Created edit option to change the amount of unit bombing damage on any
and all units which can be damaged by bombing. (veqryn)
* Created edit option to change the amount of unit hitpoint damage on any
and all units which can take more than 1 point of hit damage. (veqryn)
* Created edit option to remove technology from a player, except that
shipyards and industrial technology can never be removed, and any
technology that uses triggers is pointless to remove and removing will
not undo their effect. (veqryn)
* Created edit option to add technology to a player. (veqryn)
* Adding methods to ensure that any power sharing technology (like
British to UK Pacific) will still roll for war bonds even if its capital
is taken, so long as the shared power is not able to have the warbonds
technologies. (veqryn)
* Allowing additional nations to share the cost of technology, and
creating a good user interface that dynamically adjusts to show how much
is being paid by each nation. (veqryn)
* Created an option in Play-By-Forum and Play-By-Email to send the move
summary after the combat move phase, in addition to the summary at the
end of the turn. This is to help with OOL and scrambling orders. (veqryn)
* Abstracted EndTurnPanel into AbstractForumPosterPanel, then created
MoveForumPosterPanel. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Remove All Tech Tokens At End Of Turn", which
will remove tech tokens after each tech roll. (veqryn)
* Make savegames for long games, games with many players, and games with
many battles, much smaller. (veqryn)
* Changing how Battle Records get added and removed from game data
through the Change Factory to be more memory efficient. (veqryn)
* Adding an option for "None" to the list of territory effects. (veqryn)
* Added List to Battle Calc so that you can manually select one or more
territory effects, hold down shift to select more than one. List will
automatically fill with starting territory's effects. (veqryn)
* Fixed battle calc to make it try to use the territory that we select.
* Fixing bug in Battle Calculator where damaged units got turned into
healthy units before each battle was calculated. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer error in triggerSupportChange caused by having a
hashmap of an attachment class, inside of another attachment class, then
deserializing this (loading a savegame), resulting in the hashmap being
resolved before all its keys are, giving the wrong hashcodes to those
keys. (veqryn)
* Updating java Substance to 7.1, and adding 14 more skins. (veqryn)
* Updated embedded Java JRE for windows executable version to Java 6
update 33. (veqryn)
* Added a drawing method and menu option to have territory borders drawn
a second time on top of the map. (veqryn)
* Changing IDrawable calls to use highest level of graphics rendering
available. (veqryn)
* Fixing game selector model to no longer return to default game if we
have trouble loading the uri of previous xml, and will instead try to
pick by name first. (veqryn)
* Added new sounds for air, sea, and land battles, rockets, politics, and
tech. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue where fighters moving alone were not asked if they want to
escort. (veqryn)
* Made DefaultAttachment extend GameDataComponent. (veqryn)
-- Christoph Korn <> Wed, 11 Jul 2012 19:59:39 +0200
triplea ( precise; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Fixing Global 1940 bugs, and getting it to use Technology completely.
* Allowed downloading of multiple maps/games in one go, by holding down
CTRL while selecting maps in the "Download Games" dialog screen, and out
of date maps will show up in bold, and maps up-to-date will show in
italics. (ddurham)
* Created new rules attachment option, "switch", which allows either
"true" or "false", thereby giving all conditions a memory function.
* Fixed bug where dependents of an air transport were not dying when the
air transport was hit by AA fire, in the case where the air transports
could fly deep into enemy territory and flew over an AA gun. (veqryn)
* Fixed parsing error in player attachment options: placementLimit,
movementLimit, attackingLimit. (veqryn)
* Fixed fatal error in HistoryLog, caused by clearing an array that
potentially gets accessed later at a specific index number, from doing an
edit during a movement phase then doing an undo later. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Subs Can End NonCombat Move With Enemies",
which allows submarines to end their noncombat movement in a sea zone
containing any enemy units. (veqryn)
* Added information on which units are doing the bomber to the question
about what should each bomber bomb. (veqryn)
* Fixed error from trying to undo a battle move created using another
player's units, using edit mode. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer exception when not selecting the target for a bomber
after an air battle is finished. (veqryn)
* Allowed interceptors and escorts to benefit from attackRolls and
defenseRolls and their bonuses. (veqryn)
* Created new delegate, NoAirCheckPlaceDelegate, which does everything
the normal "PlaceDelegate" does, but does not kill any aircraft at the
end of the phase. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with not being able to blitz through units owned by a power
to which you were neutral with. (veqryn)
* Allowed loading of transports in Sea Zones where all enemies just
became hostile this turn due to politics. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with loading transports in the same sea zone where a
transport was previously unload in a previous phase. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with having multiple support attachment affecting the same
group of units. The order of preference is now: highest bonus support
first, then lowest number of supported types to highest number of types.
* Created new techAbilityAttachment option, "bombingBonus", which will
add additional damage after all dice are rolled, per unit. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment option, "defenseRollsBonus", which
adds additional defense rolls. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment option, "attackRollsBonus", which
adds additional attack rolls. (veqryn)
* Created new UnitAttachment option, "chooseBestRoll", which controls
whether we select the best dice or use all the dice rolled, when there is
more than one die rolled. (veqryn)
* Created new UnitAttachment option, "defenseRolls", which controls the
number of defense rolls a unit has, so long as their defense is greater
than zero. (veqryn)
* Created new UnitAttachment option, "attackRolls", which controls the
number of attack rolls a unit has, so long as their attack is greater
than zero. (veqryn)
* Abstracted Heavy Bombers technology. (veqryn)
* Changed History Writer setRenderData to be part of a new event, instead
of being a separate method. Also fixed some display issues with event and
child messages. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airborneTargettedByAA", which is
set by the attacker, controlling which airborne units are subject to AA
gun fire and by what AA gun types. (veqryn)
* Fixing error message for when a game xml is not correctly formed. Also
preventing errors from being thrown until we check the version number.
* Deleted "GivesPUsDelegate". (veqryn)
* Finished airborne movement delegate, and technology. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airborneBases", which turns on the
new airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airborneDistance", which turns on
the new airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airborneTypes", which turns on the
new airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airborneCapacity", which turns on
the new airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airborneForces", which turns on the
new airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Airborne Attacks Only In Enemy Territories",
to help control different behavior for airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Airborne Attacks Only In Existing Battles",
to help control different behavior for airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Created Validation for Airborne movement. (veqryn)
* Created AbstractMoveDelegate and abstracted MoveDelegate into it.
Created SpecialMoveDelegate to extend it, for use with new
Paratroopers/Airborne tech. (veqryn)
* Fixed error preventing AI Flat Income Bonus from happening unless the
Percentage Bonus was also set. (veqryn)
* Fixed repair panel to correctly set the max for each unit. (veqryn)
* Fixed error with displaying discounts for repairing. Also fixed that
you may not be able to repair with all your money if you had a discount.
* Fixed null pointer error from having Edit Mode on while AA guns fire.
* Started coding for new paratrooper tech, to be called Airborne Forces.
* Fixed blockade zones so that they never do more damage than the
combined total of their neighboring territories, even if there are
multiple sea zones blockading a single or set of territories. (veqryn)
* Allowed createsResourcesList to have negative values as well as
positive values. (veqryn)
* Created new Unit Attachment option, "bombingTargets", which allows the
unit to only target specific other units for rockets and strategic
bombing. (veqryn)
* Disallowed Bombardment from any sea zone that had a kamikaze suicide
attack. (veqryn)
* Fixed failing unit tests. (veqryn)
* Expanded Tech delegate UI element to use helpPayTechCost. (veqryn)
* Created new PlayerAttachment option, "helpPayTechCost", which will
allow other players to help pay the cost of technology. (veqryn)
* Created new PlayerAttachment option, "shareTechnology", which will
automatically give all technology to other players during tech activation
phase. (veqryn)
* Changed priority of AA casualty choosing system to: chooseAACasualties
-> isRollAAIndividually -> isRandomAACasualties. This means that "choose
aa" overrides all, while "roll aa individually" will only override
"random aa". (veqryn)
* Allowed "unitAbilitiesGained" to give "canBlitz" and "canBombard".
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "unitAbilitiesGained", which allows
units to gain abilities when technology is discovered. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "rocketNumberPerTerritory", which
controls the maximum number of dice to be rolled per territory. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "rocketDistance", which controls the
maximum distance rockets can travel. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "rocketDiceNumber", which controls
the number of dice each rocket rolls. (veqryn)
* Created new RelationshipTypeAttachment option, "rocketsCanFlyOver",
which allows rockets to fly over by default. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "warBondDiceNumber", which controls
how many dice get rolled for war bonds. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "warBondDiceSides", which controls
how large the dice are which are rolled to determine the war bonds bonus.
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "repairDiscount", which controls the
discount to repairing given by any technology. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment,
"minimumTerritoryValueForProductionBonus", which controls the minimum
value of a territory that a factory units must be in to receive the
production bonus. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "productionBonus", which controls
the bonus given to production by any technology. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airDefenseBonus", which controls
the bonus given to interceptors defense by any technology. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "airAttackBonus", which controls the
bonus given to escorts attack by any technology. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "radarBonus", which controls the
bonus to radar AA attack given by any technology. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "defenseBonus", which controls the
defense bonus given by any technology. (veqryn)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "attackBonus", which controls the
attack bonus given by any technology. (veqryn)
* Fixed error with "Should not be adding battle record for player ...",
which was caused by creating a battle using edit mode for a player who's
turn has passed already. (veqryn)
* Fixed error with Low Luck AA guns when the dice side is different than
6. Was trying to roll zero random dice. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with not being able to move through submarines during
noncombat if they were on top of convoy zones. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Convoy Blockades Roll Dice For Cost", which
will now allow dice to be thrown for all blockade damage. (veqryn)
* Allowed multiple airbases in a single territory to stack for their max
scrambling number total. (veqryn)
* Allowed defenseless attackers to be able to retreat if they can,
instead of being forced to die. (veqryn)
* Possible fix for "Record Battle Statistics" occuring multiple times.
* Allowed all defending or attacking units to die, when there are none
left who are capable of throwing dice. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with maxScrambleCount not keeping track of scrambles for
different sea zones by the same land territory. (veqryn)
* Semi-Fixed issue with not being able to retreat from a scrambled air
defense. You can now retreat anywhere that does not have enemies. User
should know where they came from and make legal move. (veqryn)
* Fixed issue with unloaded ground units not dying or being removed, even
if their transports die from a scrambled air defense. (veqryn)
* Disallowed any unloading of ground units to a friendly territory,
during combat move, if we have scrambling or kamikazes turned on.
* Fixed issue with "Scramble To Any Amphibious Assault" not working at
all. (veqryn)
* Created new game option, "Use Bombing Max Dice Sides And Bonus", which
will control the unit attachment options: "bombingMaxDieSides" and
"bombingBonus". (veqryn)
* Stopped "Low Luck for Bombing and Territory Damage" from controlling
"bombingMaxDieSides" and "bombingBonus", and made it create a Low Luck
situation on top of whatever dice sides and bonus the map uses. (veqryn)
* Fixing comparison method in weak ai. (veqryn)
* Allowed users to download maps even if they come with triplea. (veqryn)
* Fixed Null pointer errors in Turn Summary Poster, and also fixed up
Politics to display better in the turn summary with indents. Also stopped
the poster from showing certain things like: game loaded, recording
battle statistics, and giving bonus movement. (veqryn)
* Fixed a ton of lock not held errors that had resulted from new
technology code. (veqryn)
* Fixed Economy panel so that it would change when you click back through
history. (tao nie)
* Created new techAbilityAttachment, "movementBonus", which controls the
bonus to movement that is received from any technology. Also created
default attachment for Long Range Air, which will now be set to give +2
movement to all air units, that are air units at the start of the game.
* Created framework for interpreting TechAbilityAttachment's, and also
setting of default attachments for hardcoded technologies. (veqryn)
* Created new type of attachment, TechAbilityAttachment, which will
control how all technologies work. (veqryn)
* Refactored TechAdvance and GenericTechAdvance to extend
NamedAttachable, that way they can eventually have attachments. (veqryn)
* Fixed bug where a NonFighting battle was attempting to add the result
as a child in the history panel, without creating the event first.
* Fixed bug preventing Moore AI from placing Transport type sea units
whenever it did not buy non-transport sea units. (veqryn)
* Clearing all cached data for AIs once a game has been left. (veqryn)
* Clearing cached data for Dynamix AI once a game has been left.
* Fixed issue with battles showing who won twice in the history panel.
* Moved BattleRecord to its own class, and having BattleRecord,
BattleRecords, and BattleResults all extend GameDataComponent. (veqryn)
* Possibly fixed the problems with Edit Mode, by fixing a previous
refactoring that switched two variables up. (veqryn)
* Possibly fixed the problems with Edit Mode, by abstracting
BasePersistentDelegate and separating EditDelegate from BaseDelegate.
* Generating Serial IDs for all classes that may need them. (veqryn)
-- Christoph Korn <> Thu, 14 Jun 2012 13:04:16 +0200
triplea ( oneiric; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Updated 1940 test xml to allow Axis powers to declare war on Americans
separately, and for Americans to declare war on each Axis power
separately. (veqryn)
* Fixed null pointer error in Dynamix AI's determining of where to put a
factory. (veqryn)
* Having the default loaded game be loaded separately from the game
chooser list, and putting the loading of the list into a separate thread.
(veqryn & frigoref)
* Removing game chooser list from memory when we start a game, or join a
game, or join the lobby. (veqryn & frigoref)
* Removed restriction of not being able to land in land territories with
pending battles (there is still a restriction of course on who owns the
territory, and whether it was conquered this turn or not). (veqryn)
* Fixing possible error with using overridden placement delegates that
were not triplea placement delegates, like using twoIfBySea place
delegates. (frigoref)
* Fixing bug where a territory that was taken without a fight, could
still trigger a scrambling, with the wrong player selecting who
scrambles. (veqryn)
* Allowing air to end their movement over sea zones containing enemy
units, if you own or will place a carrier there. (veqryn)
* Disallowing new usernames for lobby if they match case insensitive an
existing user, instead of checking only case sensitive. (veqryn)
* Speeding up lobby login process. (frigoref & veqryn)
* More fixes for sea placement and requiresUnits placement. (veqryn)
* Prevented units with "requiresUnits" from being placed by territories
not containing the required units, and also prevented them from being
moved around by the "free-up-space" methods. (veqryn)
* Fixed many small rare bugs in AbstractPlaceDelegate. (veqryn)
* Changing look of main screen, and adding tool tips for all buttons.
* Fixed possible Null Pointer error for maps with a production frontier
of null rules. (veqryn)
* Fixed possible IllegalStateException in Air Battles. (veqryn)
* Allowed "Edit Moving" of units not owned by you, to create a battle by
the unit's owner. (veqryn)
* Fixed 'uses' for 'when' based triggers to be used up right after they
are used, while triggers without when set get 'used up' at the end of
each round that they are used in. (veqryn)
* Fixed Air Battle to only allow aircraft capable of intercepting into
the battle, instead of also allowing infrastructure too. (veqryn)
-- Christoph Korn <> Sat, 14 Apr 2012 20:12:44 +0200
triplea ( unstable; urgency=low
* Enabled "Set look and feel" option from menu. Thanks to Jerome Robert
(Closes: #648716)
- Recommends: substance, liblaf-plugin-java, liblaf-widget-java and
removed substance from B-D. triplea will run without recommended
packages, but will throw an error if you try to "Set look and feel".
Play resumes normally after error.
-- Scott Howard <> Mon, 14 Nov 2011 21:45:33 -0500
triplea ( unstable; urgency=low
* Initial release. (Closes: #648444) (LP: #126069)
-- Scott Howard <> Fri, 11 Nov 2011 21:40:11 -0500
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