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;;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; indent-tabs-mode: nil; coding: utf-8; show-trailing-whitespace: t -*-
;;;; Copyright (C) 2011 Anton Vodonosov (
;;;; See LICENSE for details.
(in-package #:test-grid-agent)
(defun make-run-descr (lib-world lisp-implementation-identifier user-email)
"Generate a description for a test run which might be
performed in the current lisp system."
(list :lisp lisp-implementation-identifier
:lib-world lib-world
:time (get-universal-time)
:run-duration :unknown
:contact (list :email user-email)))
(defun fmt-time (universal-time &optional destination)
"The preferred time format used in the cl-test-grid project."
(multiple-value-bind (sec min hour date month year)
(decode-universal-time universal-time 0)
(funcall #'format
year month date hour min sec)))
(defun name-run-directory (run-descr)
"Generate name for the directory where test run
data (libraries test suites output and the run results) will be saved."
(format nil
(fmt-time (getf run-descr :time))
(getf run-descr :lisp)))
(defun run-directory (run-descr base-dir)
(merge-pathnames (make-pathname
:directory (list :relative (name-run-directory run-descr))
:name nil
:type nil)
(defun make-run (description lib-results)
(list :descr description :results lib-results))
(defun run-info-file (test-run-directory)
(merge-pathnames "test-run-info.lisp"
(defun save-run-info (test-run directory)
(let ((run-file (run-info-file directory)))
(with-open-file (out run-file
:direction :output
:element-type 'character ;'(unsigned-byte 8) + flexi-stream
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(test-grid-data::print-test-run out test-run))))
(defun lib-log-file (test-run-directory lib-name)
(merge-pathnames (substitute #\- #\.
;; Substitute dots by hypens because CCL
;; prepends the > symbol before dots (at least on windows);
;; for example: hu.dwim.stefil => hu>.dwim.stefil.
;; When we pass such a pathname to another lisps,
;; they can't handle it.
(string-downcase lib-name))
(defparameter +libtest-timeout-seconds+ #.(* 10 60)
"Maximum number of seconds we give each library test suite
to complete. After this time we consider the test suite
as hung, kill the lisp process and record a :FAIL
as the library test result.")
(defun proc-run-libtest (lisp-exe libname run-descr logfile private-quicklisp-dir asdf-output-dir)
"Runs test-grid-testsuites::run-libtest in a separate process and returns the result."
(flet ((finish-test-log-with-failure (format-control &rest format-arguments)
;; Helper function to record failure status to the library
;; test log if the child lisp process running
;; the test suite has terminated abnormally.
;; (In case of successful termination it is
;; responsibility of the child process to print
;; the log footer. We already have a TODO item to move
;; all the log header/footer printing to the
;; parent process.)
(with-open-file (out logfile
:direction :output
:if-does-not-exist :create
:if-exists :append)
(apply #'format out format-control format-arguments)
(test-grid-testsuites::print-log-footer libname :fail out))))
(let ((start-time (get-internal-real-time))
(status (handler-case
(with-response-file (response-file)
(let* ((code `(progn
(load ,(merge-pathnames "setup.lisp" private-quicklisp-dir))
(load ,(src-file "proc-run-libtest.lisp"))
(cl-user::run-libtest-with-response-to-file ,libname
(quote ,run-descr)
(log:info "Starting ~A test suite..." libname)
(lisp-exe:run-with-timeout +libtest-timeout-seconds+ lisp-exe code)))
(no-response (condition)
(log:info "Child lisp process seems crashed: didn't returned any response. The NO-RESPONSE error signalled: ~A"
(finish-test-log-with-failure "~%Child lisp process running the ~A test suite finished without returing result test status. Looks like the lisp process has crashed. The error condition signalled: ~A"
libname condition)
(lisp-exe:lisp-process-timeout ()
(log:info "Child lisp running the ~A test suite has exceeded the timeout of ~A seconds and killed."
libname +libtest-timeout-seconds+)
(finish-test-log-with-failure "~%The ~A test suite hasn't finished in ~A seconds.~%We consider the test suite as hung; the test suite lisp process is killed.~%"
libname +libtest-timeout-seconds+)
(log:info "The ~A test suite status: ~S" libname status)
(list :libname libname
:status status
:log-byte-length (test-grid-utils::file-byte-length logfile)
:test-duration (/ (- (get-internal-real-time) start-time)
(defun perform-test-run (agent lib-world lisp-exe libs)
(let* ((run-descr (make-run-descr lib-world
(implementation-identifier lisp-exe)
(user-email agent)))
(run-dir (run-directory run-descr (test-output-base-dir agent)))
(asdf-output-dir (merge-pathnames "asdf-output/" run-dir))
(ensure-directories-exist run-dir)
(dolist (lib libs)
(let ((lib-result (proc-run-libtest lisp-exe lib run-descr
(lib-log-file run-dir lib)
(private-quicklisp-dir agent)
(push lib-result lib-results)))
(setf (getf run-descr :run-duration)
(- (get-universal-time)
(getf run-descr :time)))
(let ((run (make-run run-descr lib-results)))
(save-run-info run run-dir)
(log:info "The test results were saved to: ~%~A." (truename run-dir))
(dolist (asdf-output-subdir (list (merge-pathnames asdf-output-dir "private-quicklisp/")
(merge-pathnames asdf-output-dir "test-grid/")))
(when (not (cl-fad:directory-exists-p asdf-output-subdir))
(log:warn "The ASDF output directroy ~S does not exist; seems like the test run was not using our asdf-output-translations and we have no guarantee all the sourcess were freshly recompiled." asdf-output-subdir)))
(defun submit-logs (blobstore test-run-dir)
(let* ((run-info (test-grid-utils::safe-read-file (run-info-file test-run-dir)))
;; prepare parameters for the SUBMIT-FILES blobstore function
(submit-params (mapcar #'(lambda (lib-result)
(let ((libname (getf lib-result :libname)))
(cons libname
(lib-log-file test-run-dir libname))))
(test-grid-data::run-results run-info))))
;; submit files to the blobstore and receive
;; their blobkeys in response
(let ((libname-to-blobkey-alist
(test-grid-blobstore:submit-files blobstore
;; Now store the blobkeys for every library in the run-info.
;; Note, we destructively modify parts of the previously
;; read run-info.
(flet ((get-blob-key (lib)
(or (cdr (assoc lib libname-to-blobkey-alist))
(error "blobstore didn't returned blob key for the log of the ~A libary" lib))))
(setf (test-grid-data::run-results run-info)
(mapcar #'(lambda (lib-result)
(setf (getf lib-result :log-blob-key)
(get-blob-key (getf lib-result :libname)))
(test-grid-data::run-results run-info))))
;; finally, save the updated run-info with blobkeys
;; to the file. Returns the run-info.
(save-run-info run-info test-run-dir)
(defun submit-test-run-results (blobstore test-run-dir)
(log:info "Submitting the test results to the server from the directory ~S ..." (truename test-run-dir))
(let* ((run-info (submit-logs blobstore test-run-dir)))
(log:info "The log files are submitted. Submitting the test run info...")
(test-grid-blobstore:submit-run-info blobstore run-info)
(log:info "Done. The test results are submitted. They will be reviewed by admin soon and added to the central database.")
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