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Is there any reason why this would not work with bundler? I did the following:

  • Added a Gemfile to my project with remote_model listed
  • Updated my Rakefile to include the require 'bundler' and Bundler.require lines after the require 'motion/project' line
  • ran bundle and saw that the gem is listed, with a dependency on bubble-wrap
  • ran rake clean
  • ran rake

I get an exception about an undefined method an unitialized constant RemoteModule, and from the compilation output, I don't see any mention of remote_model files, although I see all the files from the bubble-wrap gem being compiled.

Could still end up having an issue with compilation order, but do you know why the source for remote_model wouldn't even be compiling?


Actually, I didn't have any luck just following the instructions with a new project & setting up remote_model - never see the files in the list (not using Bundler here), but still see bubble-wrap being compiled.

I looked through the BubbleWrap gem & see that it is injecting values into the Rakefile app.files through a bunch of magic and wonder if this gem just isn't providing paths for RubyMotion to compile.


hmmm if I remove the require "bubble-wrap" in remote_model.rb and uninstall/build/install the gem locally it works (as in it at least compiles the remote_model files), but if I keep that line it fails...it wasn't always like this, I'll keep exploring.


oh looks like there's some new instructions for using BubbleWrap as a dependency (https://github.com/mattetti/BubbleWrap/blob/master/GEM.md), looking into it


@macfanatic can you do a gem update remote_model and try now? should update to 0.0.2.

I tried a new project locally, added remote_model to the Gemfile and it works for me, lemme know if its still borked.



I'll give it a go when I'm back at the office next week, thanks for looking into it so quickly!

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