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Getting involved!

The Clever Team is usually on-line at IRC #clever (

Have you never tried IRC? Test it!

Mailing list

Our mailing list is

We often have discussions on IRC, though that's not always the best choice. Using a group may allow more people to follow the development process of the project.


Help us revising and writing docs!

Documentation repository:

Core Development

Coding standards

We mostly code based on the Google C++ Style Guide [1], which seems sane enough. The LLVM [2] one is also quite nice.

Use the .cc extension for C++ source files and .h for C++ headers, hopefully your compiler is smart enough to identify C++ source inside a .h (don't worry, GCC and Clang are!). Oh, I almost forgot, please use tabs instead of spaces, UTF-8 file encoding and UNIX file endings (Line feed a.k.a. n).

If you don't know how to contribute, but know how to code, it'd be nice if you could implement one of the ideas from our wishlist: TODO List & Ideas

Git help: - Fork a repo - Send pull requests

Source code repository:

[1] Google C++ Style Guide
[2] LLVM Coding Standards
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