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Scheduler executes jobs x N when in cluster mode with N workers #37

cliftonc opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Need to write a simple cluster mode for the scheduler to ensure that only one scheduler is ever in control in cluster mode, could be an interesting excercise re. NodeJS support for multi-cast among members of a cluster or a use of perhaps?


i am not sure i fully understand that matter at hand here. could you explain in more detail?


The scheduler runs effectively as a background task that is started as soon as the app is, when you run it in cluster mode (node app-cluster), it runs 4 servers - hence, you get four schedulers. This means any job you have configured runs 4 times. We need to change it so that when a scheduler starts, it checks if any other schedulers are running on other nodes (you do this via multicast or by holding a specific port on the server open) and if so, going to sleep.

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