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From 0.2.0-alpha2 to 0.2.0-alpha3

  • Minimum requirement is now clojure 1.7.0
  • Print newline after preamble when pretty-printing (DXML-35)
  • Serialize built-in data types in XML Schema (DXML-27)
  • Reimplement namespace context tracking, due to bug in JDK
  • Various fixes in documentation and error messages (DXML-39)
  • Emit empty tags for elements with no content (DXML-25)

From 0.2.0-alpha1 to 0.2.0-alpha2

  • qname function now returns canonical (keyword) names
  • Remove QName defrecord from Clojurescript
  • Rename canonical-name to as-qname
  • Remove to-qname
  • xml nodes now implement map equality

From 0.1.0-beta3 to 0.2.0-alpha1

  • Define uniform mapping of xml namespaces to clojure namespaces via percent-encoding
  • Remove declare-ns and alias-ns
  • Introduce alias-uri
  • Clojurescript support
  • data.xml now requires Clojure 1.5.0+ (due to percent-sign in keywords)
  • Preserve whitespace by default

From 0.1.0-beta2 to 0.1.0-beta3

  • Fix emitter to keep non-namespaced xml names out of any set default namespace
  • Add support for location info in parser

From 0.1.0-beta1 to 0.1.0-beta2

  • Add support for emitting DOCTYPEs (DXML-10)
  • Fix issue emitting sibling namespaces (DXML-33)
  • Fix issue printing defaulted namespaces (DXML-30)

From 0.0.8 to 0.1.0-beta1

  • Add support for XML namespaces (DXML-4)
  • Fix pull-seq so it produces character events that work with emit-events (DXML-28)
  • Removed docs and references to JDK 1.5, data.xml now requires 1.6+
  • data.xml now requires Clojure 1.4.0+

From 0.0.7 to 0.0.8

  • Remove relection warnings in emit-cdata (DXML-16)
  • Added an EPL license file (DXML-19)
  • Fixed bug in the handling of CData end tags (DXML-17)
  • Added support for emitting booleans and numbers (DXML-14)

From 0.0.6 to 0.0.7

  • Fixed bug with args to the indentation function (DXML-7)
  • Strings now supported as tag names, previously was only kewords (DXML-8)
  • Add CDATA and comments support to sexp-as-element (DXML-11)
  • data.xml now properly handles CDATA records that contain an embedded ]]> by breaking it into two CDATA sections (DXML-12)