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Tools Used to Create CDS

CDS reuses the ClojureWerkz docslate toolchain. The site is generated using jekyll. To run the site generator yourself, you'll need to first have Ruby installed. Python is also required, as syntax-highlighting of code blocks is handled by pygments.

If installing Ruby from source, a prerequisite is the libyaml dev package.

Install Tools & Dependencies

Install Bundler. Ruby 1.9.3 or JRuby are recommended:

gem install bundler

Then install dependencies (Jekyll, GitHub-flavored Markdown processors, etc) with Bundler by running the following in the CDS repository root:

bundle install --binstubs

As an alternative to bundler, if you like you can manually (via gem install) install all the dependencies listed in path/to/cds/Gemfile, and then later (from the cds directory) run the gem-installed jekyll to view your local version of the site.

How To Run A Development Server

Before you run jekyll the first time, you will need to create an empty folder called _site in the CDS repository root.

mkdir -p _site
./bin/jekyll serve --watch

The server will be started at localhost:4000.

How To Regenerate The Site

To regenerate the entire site, use

  ./bin/jekyll build
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