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Operator Helm Charts enhanced with Platform-as-Code annotations to ease Discovery and Use of Customer Resources
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moodle-operator-chart-0.4.6.tgz Added Moodle Chart 0.4.6 May 10, 2019
moodle-operator-chart-0.4.7.tgz Added SSL support for Moodle Jun 7, 2019
moodle-operator-chart-0.4.9.tgz Moodle Operator Chart 0.4.9 version Aug 26, 2019
mysql-operator-0.2.5-1.tgz Presslabs MySQL Operator chart 0.2.5-1 Apr 8, 2019
mysql-operator-0.2.5-2.tgz Updated PressLabs MySQL Operator Jul 19, 2019
mysql-operator-0.2.5-3.tgz Added new version of MySQL Operator chart Aug 12, 2019
mysql-operator-chart-0.2.1.tgz Added namespace to mysql-operator Oct 24, 2018
postgres-crd-v2-chart-0.0.3.tgz Postgres chart with new annotations Apr 11, 2019
stash-operator-chart-0.8.3.tgz Adding Stash Operator Apr 1, 2019
stash-operator-chart-0.8.4.tgz Added annotations to stash for man endpoint Apr 8, 2019


Operator Charts

Repository of Operator Helm charts curated for discoverability and interoperability.

Each Helm chart contains CRD YAML annotated with Platform-as-Code annotations (

Available Operators

  1. moodle-operator-chart (CloudARK)

    Moodle Operator supports creating multiple Moodle instances, plugin installation, DNS, SSL

    • Version: 0.4.7 -> Contains SSL support for Moodle Instances
    • Version: 0.4.6 -> Domain Name support
    • Versoin: 0.4.4 -> Works with MySQL Custom Resource Instances
    • Versions < 0.4.4 -> Initial versions (legacy)
  2. mysql-operator (PressLabs)

    MySQL Operator supports creating, backing up, restoring MySQL clusters.

    • Version: 0.2.5-1 -> PaC annotations
    • Versions < 0.2.5-1 -> Legacy version
  3. mysql-operator-chart (Oracle)

  4. postgres-crd-v2 (CloudARK)

    • Version: 0.0.3 -> PaC annotations
    • Versions < 0.0.3 -> Legacy version
  5. stash-operator (Appscode Stash)

    • Version: 0.8.4 -> PaC annotations
    • Versions < 0.8.4 -> Legacy version

Best practice Operator Development Guidelines

Checkout following Operator developing guidelines when developing your Operator

Include you Operator in this repository

  1. Install Helm

  2. Create Helm chart for your Operator

    This involves three steps:

    a] Create the helm chart directory and populate it with helm related artifacts

    b] Annotate your CRD definition with Platform-as-Code annotations. Check

    for what PaC annotations are available for you to use.

    • Create the required ConfigMaps that go along with your PaC annotations.
    • Check Moodle CRD definition for example of PaC annotations:

c] Create the helm chart

  • From the parent directory of the helm chart directory, execute following command:
    • helm package ./<name>-operator-chart
    • This should create <name>-operator-chart.tgz file
  1. Fork this repository
  2. Add the helm chart tgz file to the repository
  3. Update index.yaml to include information about your chart's tgz file
  4. Send a Pull Request to get your Operator chart included in this repository

Once your Operator is included we will provide you feedback on how your Operator compares with above best practice Guidelines.

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