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NOTE: The API is no longer supported

The CloudApp API

Welcome to the CloudApp developer docs. Here you can find everything you need to integrate your application with CloudApp. You might want to check out other great third-party applications who make use of the API.

There is a good chance most of the work is already cut out for you. A variety of third-party client libraries are available to interface with the CloudApp API.


You can use the CloudApp API to register an account, list your items, upload a file – anything or the web app can do. Keep in mind usage of the CloudApp API is bound to our Terms of Service.


HTTP Digest is used to authenticate all requests.


You're probably interested in JSON responses and not HTML. Add the header Accept: application/json on requests to receive JSON and Content-Type: application/json when you're sending JSON.

Available APIs



Gift Cards

Getting Help

We've done our best to write the CloudApp API documentation to make integrating with it as simple as possible. Should you have questions we recommend:

Help us make it better

Please tell us how we can make the API better. If you have a specific feature request or if you found a bug, please use GitHub issues. Fork these docs and send a pull request with improvements.