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CF MySQL Broker

CF MySQL Broker provides MySQL databases as a Cloud Foundry service. This broker demonstrates the v2 services API between cloud controllers and service brokers. This API is not to be confused with the cloud controller API; for more info see Service Broker API.

The broker does not include a MySQL server. Instead, it is meant to be deployed alongside a MySQL server, which it manages, as part of cf-mysql-release. Deploying this as a standalone application to cloud foundry (e.g. via cf push) is not supported. The MySQL management tasks that the broker performs are as follows:

  • Provisioning of database instances (create)
  • Creation of credentials (bind)
  • Removal of credentials (unbind)
  • Unprovisioning of database instances (delete)

Running Tests

The CF MySQL Broker integration specs will exercise the catalog fetch, create, bind, unbind, and delete functions against its locally installed database.

  1. Run a local install MySQL server.
  • Specs have only been tested with MySQL 5.6
  • Specs assume MySQL root user without a password
  • The anonymous user (User='' and Host='localhost') must be deleted (see [spec/spec_helper])
    • delete from mysql.user where name='';
    • flush privileges
  • Specific innodb settings are required (see [spec/spec_helper])
    • innodb_stats_on_metadata = ON
      • mysql -uroot -e "SET GLOBAL innodb_stats_on_metadata=ON"
    • innodb_stats_persistent = OFF
      • mysql -uroot -e "SET GLOBAL innodb_stats_persistent=OFF"
  1. Run the following commands
$ cd cf-mysql-broker
$ bundle
$ bundle exec rake db:setup
$ bundle exec rake spec