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Java Main Container

The Java Main Container allows an application that provides a class with a main() method to be run. The application is executed with a command of the form:

<JAVA_HOME>/bin/java -cp . com.gopivotal.SampleClass

Command line arguments may optionally be configured.

Detection Criteria Main-Class attribute set in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF or java_main_class set in config/java_main.yml
Tags java-main
Tags are printed to standard output by the buildpack detect script

If the application uses Spring, Spring profiles can be specified by setting the SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE environment variable. This is automatically detected and used by Spring. The Spring Auto-reconfiguration Framework will specify the cloud profile in addition to any others.

Spring Boot

If the main class is Spring Boot's JarLauncher, PropertiesLauncher or WarLauncher, the Java Main Container adds a --server.port argument to the command so that the application uses the correct port.


For general information on configuring the buildpack, including how to specify configuration values through environment variables, refer to Configuration and Extension.

The container can be configured by modifying the config/java_main.yml file in the buildpack fork.

Name Description
arguments Optional command line arguments to be passed to the Java main class. The arguments are specified as a single YAML scalar in plain style or enclosed in single or double quotes.
java_main_class Optional Java class name to run. Values containing whitespace are rejected with an error, but all others values appear without modification on the Java command line. If not specified, the Java Manifest value of Main-Class is used.